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Bosch Dishwasher - SMS40E32EU (White)

Bosch Dishwasher - SMS40E32EU (White)

Brand Bosch
Colour White
Model Number SMS40E32EU
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Overview: Bosch Dishwasher - SMS40E32EU (White)

The Bosch SMS40E32EU Dishwasher sports a unique design and goes the extra mile to clean all the stubborn stains off your dishes and cutleries. Washing utensils can be a lot of hard work, especially in today�s fast-paced life, where you have to manage your work life, as well as your household chores. But thanks to this dishwasher, you can now breathe easy, as it does all the work as you relax for a change. It consumes only fourteen litres of water for every cycle and has four wash programs with three cleaning temperatures for utmost ease of selection. The Normal program works at 65-degree Celsius; the Economy program works at 50-degree Celsius whereas the Quick Wash program works at 45-degree Celsius. In the fourth program, which is Pre Rinse, you can clean some of the initial stains before going for the main wash cycle.

The SMS40E32EU dishwasher has twelve place settings, so you can systematically sort all your dishes, mugs, spoons and forks and cutlery. It has two folding plate racks, which offer extra space in case you want to store more and wash the utensils faster. The top basket comprises a special cutlery rack for added safety and a glass protection system is added to protect your precious china and glass items from damage. The central lid slides conveniently to offer easy access. The detergent can be added separately, which is detected immediately. The aqua stop feature is a revolutionary mechanism incorporated by this Bosch dishwasher. This feature ensures that the soap water does not damage the unit for its entire lifetime.

The energy-efficient dishwasher has a high-performance IQ drive, which intelligently detects the tough stains and washes them off easily. The dosage assist option provides optimum results by effectively dissolving the cleaner tab. You can also enjoy the benefits of the EcoSilence drive, which is an innovative technology that ensures an easy, powerful and durable wash every single time. Also, thanks to the load sensor, you can keep a tab on the overall load being endured by the washer. If you do not wish to fill the entire rack, you can settle for the half load option and still get the best results.

In order to keep curious kids from accessing the controls, this dishwasher from Bosch makes use of a unique child lock features for complete safety. Also, it has an A+ energy efficiency class and consumes less water and energy in every cycle, thereby making it an ideal addition to your kitchen apparel. So make the smart choice today and order this dishwasher online, and let it take care of all your dishwashing needs.

Features: Bosch Dishwasher - SMS40E32EU (White)

  • 3 cleaning temperatures
  • Sliding lid central, detergent detection
  • Aqua stop with 24 hr anti leak system with guarantee
  • High Performance iQ drive
  • Cutlery rack in top basket
Product Details
Brand Bosch
Model Number SMS40E32EU
Colour White
Manufacturer Bosch

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