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Bose® Companion® 3 Series II Multimedia Speaker System
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Bose® Companion® 3 Series II Multimedia Speaker System

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Product Description

Think of all the sound that comes from your computer today: MP3s, CDs and Internet radio. DVDs and streaming video. Sensational gaming soundtracks. Wouldn't it be nice if your listening experience
Product Details
Manufacturer BOSE
Manufacturer Part Number 40279
Brand Bose
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 43.2 cm x 27.9 cm x 40.6 cm

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Overall Rating 5 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Best of the best, delight of the Listener 27 June, 2014 On
    There might be thousands of reviews available but I still would like to comment upon this piece of magic. I am the proud owner of Bose Companion 3 speakers and I would tell you one thing that there are the best speakers. I find it pretty futile to write a review about a product of Bose. Its like praising the sun for its light. You can't do that. Bose is the most prolific manufacturer of acoustics sound systems. Once I heard these speakers I would couldn't settle down with any other one.

    Why you should buy these speakers: If you are an avid listeners of music and you pay attention to details of the music like mid tones , low notes, bass , treble the constructive interference and you want an unamplified real sound and on the top of this you think that its really worth to shell out that much money for mere speakers , you can go for these. You will never regret. Talking about sound quality doesn't make sense because no other speaker stands even close to this one.

    What makes it stands out :
    The quality of sound and the delight if bass. Some people complain that the bass is over powering with Bose speakers but I want to tell them that this is not over powering this is just the right bass. You play Red hot chilli peppers on these and you would know what am I talking about. Flea the great bassist of RHCP is known to play the bass guitar best. Once you listen to him on Comp 2 , you would realize the clarity of bass produced by this machine. Bass over powering doesn't mean that you loose on high notes and mid tones, a discretionary listeners would be able to identify the nuances of much with this one. Even if that doesn't pacify you there is a bass control in these speakers and you can set the bass.

    Built and Quality:
    The speakers come with two twitters and one sub woofer. The speakers are sturdy the sound control is done through a touch pod attached to the speaker. The feature of automatic sound control is available and what it means is that if you happen o connect this device with an output device of high volume it would adjust the volume so that it doesn't hurt you. The sound never breaks on the highest of the volume. The central unit is heavy though looks beautiful.You can connect the auxiliary cable to the pod and enjoy the personal music or you can connect this unit to television using an aux cable.

    Country Music at its best.
    I play country music with these speakers and I enjoy the entire spectrum of music. However every music genre sound s amazing with Bose but for me I prefer more of acoustics like John Mayor, Urban Keith. The sound of these speakers has got great depth and is very soothing . even the heavy metal is so clear with these ones that you start appreciating the distortions and delays in guitar performances.

    Final Verdict: Bose is the epitome of quality in the sound industry. The only constraint would be to shell out this much of money for speakers and if you thin that its worth it , your life will change. After Bose you can't settle down on any other product.
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