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Boyu PF-1000 Submersible 3 in 1 Aquarium Internal Filter

Boyu PF-1000 Submersible 3 in 1 Aquarium Internal Filter

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Product Description

Product Description :

New Boyu PF-1000 Submersible 3 in 1 Internal Aquarium Filter

The irresistible new Boyu PF-1000 submersible 3 in 1 internal Aquarium Filter is definitely a must-have if you're planning on acquiring a full-fledged professional filtering system. For aquarium lovers, this internal 3 in 1 filter has been designed to eliminate every discomfort you may find during culturing. Comprising of complete indoor and outdoor water bearing ergonomics, the proficient circulation and filtering assets make it a wonderful addition to your aquarium mechanics.

Features of Boyu PF-1000 Submersible 3 in 1 internal Aquarium Filter

Specialized biochemical cotton encased within the product ensures that culturing nitrifying bacteria becomes an easier process. While you're participating in fish culture, water quality standards for breeding need to be nutrient rich. One of the best features of the filtering system is that it can be used in freshwater and seawater. The ergonomics of the system are rust proof thereby ensuring durable performance. Cultivation of nitrogen fixing bacteria is an important process to introduce nutrients into the water for proper culturing of the fish.

With the presence of a high alumina ceramic shaft, the mechanism of the filtering system work beyond expectations. It is rub resistant and allows you to handle the device easily. The presence of the permanent magnetic synchronous motor is of high efficiency. It multiples energy saving criteria due to which the internal aquarium filter has become a popular choice amongst users. With tons of different aquarium filters being introduced, Boyu PF-1000 is one of the best in the market today. Nutrient recycling while using the biochemical filtering system gives you the flexibility to use up to 3 cylinders.

The compact submersible pumping mechanism combined with resin based support allows you to handle the device with care. The increased water proof economics of the system accelerate intensity of the filtering action. With this 3 in 1 submersible filter, you can expect efficient pumping of the motor. It is a reliable product that has been released by Boyu which is famous for providing indoor and outdoor filtering systems. The reputable company has introduced this product that not only offers filtered water but also ensures pumping of oxygen rich water.

Being biochemically active, the internal filters are efficient for their external and internal makeup that offers supreme stability during performance. This outstanding product keeps the water clean for regular nitrogen fixation and ensures resistance against moisture. Such a water proof setup is an essential asset for aquarium filters to provide increased water pumping and filtering. As per domestic purposes, the product is a versatile device that requires efficient maintenance alongside comfortable cleaning.

Product Summary :

Boyu PF-1000 submersible 3 in 1 internal Aquarium Filter functions on 220-240 V making it an ideal choice for water pools, breeding tanks for aquatic species and much more! Utilization of QMax at around 300I/h with a Ta at 40c is suitable to ensure impressive filtering. Fabricated under Boyu and Swap Aquariums, the product is available on at a reasonable and affordable price. For convenient usage, the product can be viewed on the site and purchased at a minimal price offering economical features and a wonderful filtering system.

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Product Features

  • Multi functional design, various purposes in a machine pumping, adding oxygen, and filtering 3 in 1.
  • Product consists of the submersible pump and biochemical filter
  • Most suitable for cultivating nitrobacteria and cleaning the water
  • Good water proof performance and high isolation intensity. it is safe and reliable.
  • Suitable for Fresh water and Salt water aquarium. Easy to mount and Easy cleaning
Product Details
Manufacturer Boyu
Manufacturer Part Number 6924781206861
Brand Boyu
Item Package Quantity 1

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