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Bpitch Family Pack-Kings Bath Towel set of 3

Bpitch Family Pack-Kings Bath Towel set of 3

Brand Bpitch
Colour White
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Overview: Bpitch Family Pack-Kings Bath Towel set of 3

Comfort living is the key to a happy and peaceful life. So, what about a set of family pack bath towels? This can also serve the purpose of gifting a dear one in birthdays, anniversaries or any other social occasion. A set of bath towels with contemporary outlook can rev up your bathroom appearance all together. Owning a set of these towels will definitely lift up your experience of fine living. Towels are an intricate part of the bathroom décor. If the towels are well designed, then it adds extra brownie points to the interior designing. So, let's find out more about this much in demand towel set from the house of Bpitch. If you wish, you can also buy online a set of 3 family pack bath towels and enjoy a comfortable bathing experience.

Product Description

This set of bathing accessory comes in a set of three. These towels are made of cotton thus will be easier to soak water. These are made of soft fabric which will ensure a smooth effect on skin. As these towels are soft and are made of cotton, these can also be used for children as they will not cut through their soft skin. These towels are white with multi colour stripes running horizontally. There are a wide range of colour combinations available. These towels come in economic price sufficing the need of the whole family. Thus it is pocket friendly too. These towels are 65cms wide and 130cms long. The stunning colour combinations will add life to your bathroom and will definitely bring appreciation from visitors to your house. The white horizontal stripes seem to form the base of the towel. The multi coloured stripes on white appear to be more attractive than monochromatic colours. These towels are washable at home and easy to maintain. These towels come in four different and unique stripe patterns. The colour combinations of the stripes also vary according to the stripe patterns. The stripes come in mono colours, two colour combinations, overlapping colours, etc.


Apart from adding sophistication to your bathroom décor, these towels are of great utility to each and all members of a family. The cotton fabric of the towel works as an easy soaker. The softness appeals to the baby skin also. As they are soft, they will not cut through the soft skin and will also not infect the baby skin on rubbing. The length and width is sufficient enough to cover up a grown human body easily. These towels can also be used for wrapping the babies when wet. These towels will also be used for dog lovers. They can provide a comfortable base for your puppies' bed.


What's best about this set of towels is that they are very easy to maintain. To retain the new look of the towel, these should be washed preferably with mild detergent and fabric softener. These can be washed in machine with cold water and tumbled dried. Since these towels are made of cotton, they tend to wrinkle quickly and will need frequent ironing. Hot iron can be used to press these towels. These do not scorch easily. It is advisable not to use hard detergents on these towels as it will ruin softness of the fabric. Do not use starch also as it might also affect the quality of the fabric.

Key features

Set of 3 family pack bath towels made of soft cotton fabric

Available in multi colour horizontal stripes

Each towel is 65cms wide and 130cms long

The towels are of unique stripe patterns

These towels are easy to maintain and washable

These towels can be hot ironed after wash

These towels can be used as baby products

These set of towels are original Bpitch products

So without much delay, shop online for the limited period offer of a set of 3 family pack bath towels till stock lasts. They will surely light up your bathroom and will definitely provide a comfortable bathing experience. They will surely compliment your unique style sense.

Product Details
Brand Bpitch
Colour White

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