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Brand New Edifier - M1550 5.1 Speaker System Ctg: Speakers|Computer

Brand New Edifier - M1550 5.1 Speaker System Ctg: Speakers|Computer

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Product Description

Music is one of the most essential parts of our life. Music can alter our moods and create a warm and pleasant ambience for us to relax in. However, the effectiveness of music highly depends on the quality of the sound that we are exposed to. A good set of speakers will have more impact on us than an average set of speakers. It is essential to have good speakers in order to enjoy the full effect of the kind of music you like listening to. Edifier USA brings to you theEdifier M1550 5.1 Speaker Systemwhich will change the way we listen to music and introduce us a world of clear music and surround sound.

Edifier USA is based in USA and is a well-known brand when it comes to speakers. Their products have a reputation of ensuring excellent sound clarity. This Edifier M1550 5.1 Speaker System can be used with most multimedia devices and will give a sound output like you have never heard before. The clarity of sound is so intense that you will now hear details in songs and movies that could not be heard earlier using other speakers. So what are you still waiting for?Shop onlinefor the Edifier M1550 5.1 Speaker System today and unleash a whole new level of sound clarity.


ThisEdifier M1550 5.1Speaker System, as the name suggests, comes with a 5.1 channel output to give you the best sound clarity in its class. It measures 33.3 cm x 21 cm x 31.7 cm in size and is small enough to be conveniently moved around your house. It has unique downward firing wooden sub-woofer and slim style satellites which give it a very sophisticated look. This product also makes your room look good by complementing its colour and design.

You can connect this product to a vast range of devices like your computer, TV, DVD player, mp3 player and much more. There are 5 output speakers and a central sub-woofer to give you that massive monster bass effect when you play your music. The sound clarity is so clear that you can hear every little detail in the background. This speaker system also has a surround sound effect which makes you feel as if the music is being played live, right in front of you. The most unique feature of theEdifierM1550 5.1 Speaker System is that it has a wooden MDF subwoofer enclosure which enhances the quality of the sound to a whole new level. This speaker system is very suitable for parties and occasions and for indoor entertainment purposes. Invite your friends over and create the ambience of a club with the powerful bass effect that this speaker system produces.

One of the most attractive features of the Edifier M1550 5.1 Speaker System is the colour and its design. It is black in colour and has a very sleek design which makes it look quite stylish and classy. The patterns on the speakers are very attractive as well. This is one speaker system that should not be missed if you are looking for a new speaker set. This Edifier system is also very convenient as it comes with a wired remote control to navigate the various functions of the speakers like volume, treble, bass, source, etc. The speaker system has a 3.5 mm jack which can be connected to almost any electronic device on which you can play your music. This speaker has a plug which fits into any conventional socket and you can plug it in and play it wherever you want. The Edifier M1550 5.1 Speaker System also has magnetically shielded satellites and subwoofer which enhances the bass and treble effects to give you perfectly balanced sound.

Care and Maintenance

The materials used for these speakers make it very sturdy and rigid and the speakers will not be damaged easily. As a result you do not have to worry about any part falling apart. However, just like every other electronic device, this product also has certain precautions and measures to be kept in mind to ensure that you get the best out of it. It is advisable to clean the speaker from time to time in order to avoid the accumulation of dust as this would lead to some of the buttons on the speaker to cease functioning. You can do so by using a dry cloth or some cleaning liquid like Colin, etc. You also need to prevent the speakers from coming into direct contact with any liquid products as this could spoil the electrical system on the circuit board and also cause a short circuit. You also need to try and keep it away from moisture as much as possible. After you have used this speaker it is advisable to switch it off and not let it stay idle as this could lead to the overheating of the speakers. So what are you still waiting for? You have already read all the details. Hurry and buy this Edifier M1550 5.1 Speaker System today and experience a whole new world of entertainment. Buy Edifier M1550 5.1 Speaker System online and have it delivered to your doorstep soon.

Key Features

Magnetically shielded satellites and subwoofer to enhance the bass and treble
Wooden MDF subwoofer enclosure to enhance the quality of sound
3.5 mm input jack which fits into any music player or device

Unique downward firing wooden sub-woofer and slim style satellites

Stylish look

Black in colour

Product Features

  • Surround sound 5.1 multimedia speaker system
  • Master volume control, green indicator, stand-by option, and line-out for headphone all included on wired remote controller.
  • Wooden MDF subwoofer enclosure
  • 3.5mm jacks accept both stereo input signal and 5.1 channel input signal
  • 5.1 channel speaker
  • RMS 10W+4W+3Wx4
  • Unique downward firing wooden sub-woofer and slim style satellites
  • High performance price ratio and reliability
  • Magnetically Shielded Satellites and Subwoofer
Product Details
Manufacturer Edifier USA
Brand Edifier USA
Model Number M1550
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 2 Year
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 33.3 cm x 21 cm x 31.7 cm

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