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Braun Series-7/7681 Epilator

Braun Series-7/7681 Epilator

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Product Description

Epilators are a great way to remove all that nasty hair from all over your body. The Braun Series Epilator is in fact the best for the job as it is made specially to remove almost every kind of body hair. As we all know, it's a good idea to remove body hair after a hot bath. Hot water softens the hair strand and makes it easier to remove hair. Most epilators cannot deal with wet shaving but the Braun Series-7/7681 Epilator stands out for its waterproof and washable nature. You can use the epilator to carry out wet and dry shaving at any time as it ensures a clean, neat appearance. Braun also provides a smartlight in the epilator to help you shave while looking in the mirror. The close grip technology on the epilator ensures that you get the closest shave possible on body hairs. To remove thick and thin growth, the company has provide a 40-tweezer system in the epilator head along with a speed personalization feature/ The pivoting head can access any body area and provide a clean shorn appearance. Unlike other epilators, Braun also uses revolutionary SoftLips Tips Technology to provide a clean and clear area. Most models come with three to five different shaving heads like the efficiency shaving cap, the additional shaving head, trimmer cap for small hairs, the underarm cap for delicate areas and the facial trimmer. The manufacturer provides the device, a charging cord, cleaning brush, chargeable battery, etc. in a silk pouch for easy portability. Epilators may be expensive but if you look at the Junglee website, you are sure to find a Braun model that is affordable and effective. Take the time to also compare rates and features through the Junglee as thousands of retailers list their products online at an affordable rate and you can definitely find something for you.

Product Details
Brand Braun
Model Number 16001

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