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Braun Series-3/370 Men's Shaver
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Braun Series-3/370 Men's Shaver

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Overview: Braun Series-3/370 Men's Shaver

How many times has it so happened that you have cut yourself while shaving? Shaving is a chore, and every man out there will agree with this fact. The more times you have to shave, the more the chances are of cutting yourself and spilling some blood. Not anymore, thanks to Braun Series-3/370 Men's Shaver.

Product Description :

An electric shaver is like every man's dream come true. Thanks to its trendy and compact size (16 cm x 16 cm x 25.5 cm), the electric shaver has managed to revolutionize the way men shave and get rid of facial hair. This is quite true about the Braun Series-3/370 Men's Shaver as well. Featuring a Ni-MH rechargeable battery, the shaver offers a smooth 3 stage cutting experience at the time of shaving. It gently lifts the hair off the face before cutting and trimming it close to the skin. Imagine the comfort and the gentleness of the shaving blades.

This is the technology which makes you experience rash free shaving, every time you use the electric shaver by Braun.

Some extra features to woo the man inside you :

If you are spending money on this multi faceted gadget, you are bound to want something to sweeten the deal even more. There are some additional features as well which make the electric shaver an even classier product than some of its other counterparts in the market currently.

The total charging time is 60 minutes and you can run the shaver for 45 minutes continuously on one single charge. The shaver works on a Triple Action Free Float System which ensures that your skin is left as smooth as possible after a shave. The blades glide across your face, smartly cutting the hair as close to the skin so that you don't have to keep repeating your shaving procedures again and again. Once you're done, you can wash the blade in running water, so as to remove all the hair. Thankfully, Braun has thought of everything for you. The product comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty from the company so that you can get the best deal out of the whole transaction.

About the company :

Braun is a world leader when it comes to electronics. Hailing from its German roots, they have developed the best technologically advanced products to offer to the consumers. Their forte lies in the manufacturing of hair removal products for men and women, kitchen appliances as well as thermometers, clocks and watches. Each product is created and marketed with utmost supervision and innovation, so that you know that you're in safe hands at the time of purchase.

Some brands have a reputation to savour. For such brands, the name tag in itself is credible enough to attract and lure tons and tons of potential customers. Braun is one such brand, as it fits the bill perfectly. Even after being in the industry for a long period of time, their level of consistency never drops. Which is no surprise, judging by their ever growing fan base.

You can buy this product exclusively from at a very reasonable price.

Features: Braun Series-3/370 Men's Shaver

  • Triple action free float system with three fully adaptive cutting elements the floating head adapts automatically to facial contours and shaves short and long hairs in every stroke
  • Smart foil through its unique foil patterns and smart foil captures hairs growing in different directions
  • 3-stage cutting system with twin foils that shave off stubbles and an integrated cutter that shortens longer hairs Braun shaves progressively closer in 3 stages
  • Long hair trimmer, quick charge for one single shave and washable head under running tap water for easy cleaning
  • Rechargeable power source and 2 year manufacturer's guarantee from the date of purchase
  • Rechargeable power source and 2 years warranty
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 16 cm x 16 cm x 25.5 cm

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  1.  AWESOME 21 November, 2013 On
    Always products from BRAUN was very standard. I currently using this product only. I was just Simply Awesome and very COMFORTABLE. I am using this from the past 3 year. No Damages, No Problem, No Struck in the Middle. Battery Charge is also Perfect. Lasting for long time. Hope it last for more Years.
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