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The Brave (3D)

The Brave (3D)

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Language English
Format Blu-ray
Blu-ray Regions Region Free
Actor(s) Kelly Macdonald, Brenda Chapman
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Product Description

Do you remember the story of brave and bold Merida? brings this animated Blue-ray DvD exclusively for you. The Brave is a story of Princess Merida, set in the Scottish Highlands. Merida challenges the age old custom and desires not to be betrothed by causing chaos in the kingdom. Merida unintentionally with the help of a witch transforms her mother into a bear for which she is forced to undo to spell. This movie is an American computerized animated film which is produced by Pixar Animation Studios. The movie is released by Walt Disney Pictures and Mark Andrews and Brenda Chapman are the directors of this film. It is co-directed by Steve Purcell. Chapman depicts an inspirational relationship with her daughter. Chapman is the Pixar's first female director of a feature-length movie. The Brave (3D) is produced by Katherine Sarafian. John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and Pete Doctor are the executive producers of this movie. On the voice cast we have Kelly Macdonald, Julie Walters, Billy Connolly, Emma Thompson, Kevin McKidd, Craig Ferguson, and Robbie Coltrane. With this movie, Pixar rewrote the animation system for the first time ever in 25 years. They wanted to create the most complex visuals in this film. Dolby Atmos sound format was used for the very first time in this movie. On her birthday Merida was gifted with a bow and arrow by her father King Fergus.

Merida An Archer

Merida belongs to the royal family from Dunborch and she aims to make to own identity as a great archer. On her birthday Merida was gifted a bow and an arrow by her father King Fergus but her mother Queen Elinor is dismayed with this thought. She is impulsive, restless and because of clash with her mother she makes a reckless choice which releases unintended danger on her father's kingdom and her mother's life. She faces many unpredictable situations from nature, magic and a dark ancient curse. Merdia bumps into a will-o-the-wisp, once while offering into the woods to fetch a stray arrow. Watch the heroic journey of Merida how bravely she passed all the difficulties that came across her way and trained herself as a skilled archer.

Enjoy Audi- Visual Effects

You can visualize the heart-breaking graphics used in this movie. Pixar animated studio created best of their work. Wonderful photography and the voice over by the entire cast of seven talented actor has created history. Beautiful location will grab all your attention throughout the movie. If you have miss to watch this at time of release then definitely you should not miss it this time. This movie has won the best Animated Feature Film and BAFTA awards for Best Animated film. To get one for yourself, all you need to do is log on to Junglee and avail some of their fabulous offers. Buy online from You can also sift through the wide range of health care and personal products, read customer reviews and check on availability to make a more informed online shopping choice.

Product Features

  • 1 Disc, Run time 85 minutes, Subtitle - English, Bravery tales of princess Merida
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date January 1, 2012
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 1997
Format Blu-ray
Blu-ray Regions Region Free
Genre Kids & Family, kids & family - animation & cartoons
Censor Rating U (Universal)
Actor(s) Kelly Macdonald, Brenda Chapman
Director(s) Mark Andrews
No of Discs 1
Runtime 85 minutes
Studio Disney

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Overall Rating 4.6 out of 5 stars
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  1. 1 of 1 people found this review helpful
     Nice addition to the Pixar family 20 December, 2013 On
    Despite tough competition from the Disney movies Pixar has been slowly rising up with it's unique films and brave is one of them

    Brave is a nice addition to the pixar family and makes for a good family film
    It's not as good as Kung fu Panda but uit is definately worth seeing

    The 3D is commendable and the rough princess storyline makes it a compelling watch
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2.  I absolutely and unconditionally LOVE it! 29 December, 2013 On
    I loved the protagoist and love the whole storyline.
    When you have a heroine you can totally relate to, it makes you love everything more in the movie than usual.
    It is about a princess, totally a tomboy and does all the 'un-princessesy' (I know there's no word like that) things which are adorable and always grew up fighting with swords, playing in the forest with bow and arrow. And a pair of loving parents, her father always encourages her for what she does but her mother...not so much, she is more into making and constantly pestering her to behave like a princess.
    The twists comes when the prospect of marriage comes her way.
    The main movie starts thereafter, it is full of unconditional love between a mother and a daughter, their entertaining banter and arguments.
    And It gives an alarming wake up call to every writer, author and director that, love interest is not everything and not necessary in any piece of writing or even a movie, the person himself/herself is enough in a story!
    That just MIGHT be the best part of the whole movie
    And I definitely recommend it to YOU!
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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