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Product Description

Cast and Crew

War Horse is an Oscar nominated English winning movie that is directed by the famous Steven Spielberg. It is a drama movie that was released for the audiences in the year 2011 on 1st January. Kathleen Kennedy Steven Spielberg together produced this amazing movie that has won numerous awards. Its executive producers are Frank Marshall and Revel Guest.

This movie was produced in partnership with the studio DreamWorks Pictures produced while Touchstone Pictures distributed it. Spielberg usual collaborators like Janusz Kamiński, Michael Kahn, Rick Carter and John Williams also worked on this movie. It features huge star cast comprising of many eminent British actors like Emily Watson, Benedict Cumberbatch, Toby Kebbell, Jeremy Irvine, David Thewlis, Ediie Marsan, David Kross, Peter Mullan and Tom Hiddleston.

Plot of the movie

War Horse is war drama movie that is based on the British Author Michael Morpurgo's 1982 novel for children by the same name. The plot of the story is set in England and other European cities during the times of World War I. The story begins at Devon in England in the year 1912 with a teenage boy named Albert Narracott played by Jeremy Irvine. Against the wishes of Albert's mother (played by Emily Watson), his father mother (played by Peter Mullan) purchases a young thoroughbred clot horse instead of a plough horse.

They make the horse a part of their family and name it Joey. Albert witnesses Joey grow and soon becomes extremely fond of him. A close bond develops between both of them. He trains the horse and they both become great friends. However, due to unforeseen circumstances their harvest fails and his farmer father decides to sell the horse Joey in order to make ends meet. The British cavalry purchases the horse and decides to ship it to France. While in France, some disastrous events lead to the horse, Joey, being captured by the Germans.

The horse happens to get swapped between two more owners after being found finally after being kept in barbed wire in No Man's Land for almost four long years. On returning to England after all these years, Albert who is now a grown up individual and partially blinded due to gas still manages to recognize his old friend Joey. However, as the war is about to end and truce is signed to auction Joey again. Will Joey and Albert reconcile this time? Will they get separated again? Will Joey get auctioned? Will Albert and Joey return home together? To find out what happens next bring home the DVD of this heart wrenching drama that beautifully depicts an unbreakable bond of friendship between a horse and a human.

This movie turned out to a huge success on the box office and earned great reviews as well as money. It went on to gain six Academy Award nominations, two Golden Globe nominations as ell as attained five nominations at the BAFTAS that year. Reliance Home Video & Games brings to you the original DVD of War Horse. The pack comprises of 1 DVD set featuring the movie.

War Horse by Steven Spielberg is now available on at an amazing price deal.

Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 19.1 cm x 13.6 cm x 1.4 cm

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  1.  adorable :D 15 September, 2013 On
    War Epic that is very stylishly and glamorously shot and directed by Steven Speilberg. Nothing extraordinary (or even excellent) about this movie other than the grandeur to even be nominated for Golden Globe and Oscars. Probably its the director's (and also the producer's) name that has got this movie nominated. There are some (very rare) beautiful moments.

    This film is about a Horse named Joey who is nurtured and trained by a teenage boy named Albert. Due to extreme financial crunches, Joey is sold off to a British Soldier by Albert's Father as against Albert's will. During the same time World War I breaks out and thus starts Joey's 4 years journey amidst the backdrop of gruesome war until he finally reunites with Albert.

    Watch this one for a time-- pass or for the very Adorable Horse or Stylishly shot action scenes.
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