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A Brief History of Time (Old Edition)

A Brief History of Time (Old Edition)

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher RHUK
Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time takes its readers on a historical odyssey, presenting the various theories developed by different cultures over many millennia to explain the origin of the Universe.Hawking goes on to explain the actual physics of the Universe. The first half of the book explains complex concepts like quantum physics, the fabric of space-time, particle physics, gravity and Einstein's Theory of Relativity.In the book, Hawking explains how Einstein changed the way we view the universe by introducing time as the fourth dimension to the traditional three dimensional setting of the universe. Next, the subject of Quantum Mechanics, which deals with matter at the atomic and subatomic levels, is explored.In the second half of the book, Stephen Hawking deals with the subjects that are connected to his own research areas like Black Holes and Hawking Radiation.The books starts off by presenting an interesting story about an elderly woman who challenges the views presented ... See more
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