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Brisingr: Book Three (The Inheritance Cycle)

Brisingr: Book Three (The Inheritance Cycle)

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Language English
Contributor(s) Christopher Paolini
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Brisingr: Book Three

Three days after the colossal battle against the Empire, Eragon travels to Helgrid with his dragon, Saphira, and cousin, Roran, to keep his promise. However, the struggle to defeat and throw out the Empire of the fiction fantasy series, The Inheritance Cycle, still continues in its third book, the Brisingr. Written by Christopher Paolini and first published in 2008, it is a sequel to the Eldest.

After Eragon and his dragon manage to escape from the deadly battle in the Eldest, he, now, has to set off for other journeys he is responsible for. He has given his word to Roran that he will rescue Valentina, Roran's beloved, from the hands of King Galbatorix, and thus travels to the land of Ra'zac, creatures who murdered his uncle, Garrow. Will this young farm boy be able to fulfil the oath?

On the other hand, the rebel group, Verdans, with the support of elves, dwarves and Urgals, are trying to overthrow the Empire. They are in dire need of Eragon's power and talent, and he is their only hope to get rid of the tyranny. Will young Eragon, who has just uttered the ancient term for fire, brisingr, but not yet learned the magic to create fire, be able to stand by his friends and retain his loyalty? No time to step back or rest; so would the rebels say, but before they could even act, the evil forces strike from every corner. It is time to take a decision that could take down the enemy for the welfare of the innocent ones. Will the young dragon-rider be able to take the land of Alagaësia back from the cruel ruler, who also has a fear of Eragon?

Christopher James Paolini is an American writer, who graduated at the age of 15. His first book, Eragon, was published in 2002, and ever since he has continued to surprise the readers with his mythical tales of dragons and other creations of his imagination. You can order online the paperback edition published by RHUK with the ISBN-10: 0552559962 and ISBN-13: 978-055255966.

Features: Brisingr: Book Three

  • Fiction
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date September 3, 2009
Publisher RHUK
Contributor(s) Christopher Paolini
Binding Paperback
Edition 2009
Page Count 784
ISBN 10 9780552559966
ISBN 13 9780552559966
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 11 cm x 4.9 cm x 17.8 cm
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