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Brite BHT-510 Professional Blade Beard Trimmer
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Brite BHT-510 Professional Blade Beard Trimmer

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Overview: Brite Bht-510 Professional Blade Beard Trimmer

Shaving every day can be really a herculean job. Whether getting ready for office or a meeting, looking presentable is a must for all men. In order to save your valuable time and to give that perfect look, Brite has brought a rechargeable beard trimmer. You can even shop online BHT 510 Professional Beard Trimmer by Brite and never be out of your fashionable look.

Product Description

The ergonomic look with metallic finish makes this blade trimmer a must have for all men. If you looking forward to sport a cool look for a longer time, this trimmer can be of great help. You can trim the hair growth according to your preferred length with this trimmer which otherwise with traditional razor is impossible. This trimmer consists of blades that shimmer and cut through the beard evenly and quickly. There stands almost no chance of cutting through the skin while shaving. This also saves a lot of time as well. This trimmer comes with rechargeable battery. It runs on super power motor thus requiring no human effort. The blades and the comb tips are made skin friendly so that you don't get infections or rashes while using it. The sleek and wireless body of the trimmer makes it light weight and portable. This trimmer consists of a plug that retracts into the body of the trimmer and can be extracted out for charging. This can easily fit into your hand bag or any luggage bag for convenience. You no longer have to worry about changing blades as in traditional razors and carry it for long tours as well.

Key Features

Ergonomic look with metallic finish

Easy to hold and use

Skin friendly blades and comb tips

Wireless trimmer that works on super power motor

Consists of rechargeable battery

Easy maintenance

Direction to Use

Knowing to use the trimmer can be very handy while practically using it. Here are a few words on how to use the trimmer. At first you need to decide on the length of the beard that you would like to keep. Now start by clipping the beard from down the ear and move across the face. Hold the trimmer at a constant angle to your skin for even trimming and use long and smooth strokes. It is important to shampoo and condition your beard if it is long for easy shaving.


It is necessary to take care of your trimmer for assured longevity and proper functioning. Once a month, do consider oiling the trimmer blades. Hold the trimmer so that the blades are pointing downwards and switch it on. Put one drop of oil across the blade and switch it off and wipe away the extra oil with a nonabrasive cloth. Remember not to put too much oil and not to oil the trimmer more than necessary. This will cause damage to the motor. Do not try oiling the motor. Since the trimmer blades are precision made for a particular use only, it is important to handle it with care. After every use, remove the loose hair that has collected in the blades with a brush. Do not use water to clean the trimmer. Keep the trimmer in a safe place that out of the reach of children and doesn't stand a chance of falling down. Use the trimmer only for trimming your beard and moustache. Don't try to cut any other material with it. This will damage the blade.

Safety Precautions

It is always better to be careful than to be sorry later. There are certain precautions that are need to be taken while using the trimmer. Never use the trimmer if the comb is damaged or broken or if a tooth is missing from the blade. This will cause injury to the face. Always be sure that the blades are properly aligned and lubricated. Don't use the trimmer if it is not working properly or is behaving abnormally. Do not put the blade on any surface when switched on. Make sure not to dip it in water. Do not clean the trimmer in a dishwasher or with abrasive detergents. It is highly advised not to use the trimmer while bathing or in shower. Always remember to keep the trimmer away from the reach of children.

Hurry and grab this beard trimmer from the house of Brite and sport the polished look always. You can buy online BHT 510 Professional Beard Trimmer by Brite and be ready always.   

Features: Brite Bht-510 Professional Blade Beard Trimmer

  • It has a silent motor, an ergonomic design, and skin-friendly blades and comb tips
  • Battery Powered. Can be Recharged Also
  • Precision cutting blades
  • High Cutting Performance
  • Colors May Vary

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