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Brite Dock BHT-810 Trimmer

Brite Dock BHT-810 Trimmer

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Overview: Brite Dock Bht-810 Trimmer

Shaving is no longer a time consuming and tedious job. This trimmer from Brite makes shaving fun and gives you the desired look. Now you can even experiment with your looks and step out in confidence and style. Here is your chance to shop online for Brite white dock BHT-810 trimmer for men and make a meaningful purchase. Let us take a closer look at the special features of this product that make it a great choice to be bought online.

Product Description

This trimmer for men is brought to you by the brand Brite that excels in manufacturing men's products and delivers optimal amount of satisfaction to its highly esteemed customers. The trimmer comes in an ergonomic design that has been especially crafted for your convenience. It comes in a striking combination of white and black colours that gives it an attractive appearance. The trimmer comes in a cylindrical shape that has grey panels on either side. On the tip of the cylindrical handle, a moveable head is attached at a slanting angle. It comes in a black colour and features sharp blades. The twin combination of cutter block blades and comb tips makes sure that you get the perfect shaving experience. They are skin friendly and are suitable for all types of skin. The blades adjust according to your face and the amount of pressure is applied in order to ensure that you get the desired look. At the middle of the handle, the switch for operating the trimmer can be found. The trademark logo of Brite is conspicuously visible beneath the button that authenticates the product. The ultramodern and sleek look of the trimmer is sure to impress you. The trimmer is mounted on a stand that has a firm wide base. Two elongated projections arising from the base hold the trimmer securely in place from both sides. The dazzling white colour adds a touch of sophistication to the product.


This Brite trimmer for men is a utilitarian and must buy item that every man wants in his closet. It not only saves your valuable time but is also portable in nature. Now you do not need to work up a rich lather on your face and draw a sharp razor across your face. This trimmer lets you get rid of the desired amount of beard and offers you with a whole new look. You can also choose to sport a clean shaven look and redefine your whole appearance. It consumes very little electricity and requires only 220 Volts power in order to function properly and is also rechargeable. Being portable in nature, you can carry this Brite dock trimmer to holiday trips or long journeys along with you. It proves to be particularly beneficial when you travel to places that have sparse water supply or have temperatures that are severely low. All you need is electric power and your trimmer will deliver you a flawless performance every time. You can recharge it completely and keep using it for a number of days. It comes in such a convenient shape and design that you can easily slide into a corner of your luggage.

Key Highlights

Stylish look

Combination of white and black colours

Cutter block blades

Detachable head

Comes with stand with a wide base

Care and Maintenance

If you want this dock BHT-810 trimmer to last for several years, you must take proper care of this. There is a soft cleaning brush that comes with this product which has been provided you so that you can clean it. After shaving or trimming, you can use the brush to clean the tiny bits of hair that are likely to stick to the minute perorations of the cutter block blades. You must be particular about cleaning it very meticulously. Ward away every tiny hair so that it is ready to be used again. You can also sanitise the blades with an antiseptic that will prevent the growth of any infections on your skin. Wipe the external surface of the trimmer with a piece of clean cotton cloth in order to keep it spotless and maintain its original lustre. Make sure that dust particles do not settle down on the blades that can disrupt their smooth functioning. So what are you waiting for? Buy Brite white dock BHT-810 trimmer for men online today!

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Brand Brite

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