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British Nutrition X-Tra Gainer - 1 kg (Chocolate)

British Nutrition X-Tra Gainer - 1 kg (Chocolate)

Lowest online price: 1,475
Target Gender Unisex
Flavour Chocolate
Product Weight 1 kg
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Overview: British Nutrition X-tra Gainer - 1 Kg


Add one scoop (30 grams) of X-Tra gainer powder to 240 ml of skimmed milk or water. Mix well until powder is completely dissolved. And your shake now is ready to be consumed. Have it chilled for better taste. Suggested use: Let your body make the most of X-Tra gainer. Consume 2 scoops of X-Tra gainer 2-3 times a day between meals or immediately after training to boost your calorie intake

For all of you out there who are long desirous of possessing the perfect physique, here is a vital cause to rejoice. The British Nutrition X-Tra Weight Gainer Chocolate is the ultimate solution to any such need as it guarantees significant improvement of weight and muscles after a specified period of usage. Having been prepared using the best quality raw materials that are protein rich and useful, the mixture offers you no extra, undesirable calorie while you gain weight. Do not think twice and make an online buy if you wish to enjoy fast and effective results in a while. Buy the British Nutrition X-Tra Weight Gainer Chocolate online today!

Special Features:

The British Nutrition X-Tra Weight Gainer is a valuable product that will effectively bring a positive change to your physique and give you the confidence to carry yourself in a smart manner. The 1 kg jar has been power packed with premium quality ingredients so that you gain weight in a healthy manner. The low fat content ensures that you get only the desirable amount of useful calories for your system. The product has been manufactured with expertise using a blend of premium quality proteins such as soy, whey and milk protein. It also contains carbohydrates that are 72 percent digestible and promote healthy growth. There are also as many as 16 vital minerals and vitamins included in order to enable improved nutrition levels. Moreover, it has the classic chocolate flavour added so that it has a delicious taste. The natural Nutritional Supplement is a highly efficient and rich source of protein that helps you to stay fit and healthy. The energy levels also get a significant boost when you consume it. This product is also ideal for all you athletes and fitness freaks out there as it is highly useful in offering you the necessary calories. Additionally, the amino acids that the powder contains also improve the metabolism and reduce the presence of excess and harmful fats present in your body. Get maximum nourishment in the healthiest of manner for your body. Go ahead and shop online for British Nutrition X-Tra Weight Gainer Chocolate now.

Directions for Usage:

The X-Tra Weight Gainer from the house of British Nutrition is easy to prepare and will be a classic supplementary diet for your system. You simply need to add a single scoop (30 grams) of the mixture to 240 ml of water or skimmed milk and blend the contents well. Your healthy drink is ready to be consumed once the powder gets completely dissolved to form a fine solution. If desired, you can also consume it after getting it chilled in the freezer for added delight. However, it involves no medicinal properties and works as a supplement. It is advisable that you consume 2 scoops of the Weight Gainer in between meals 2 to 3 times a day, for the best results. You can also consume it after hectic workouts that involve significant loss of calories in order to regain the lost calories.


The British Nutrition X-Tra Gainer functions as an extraordinary nutritional supplement that is protein rich and also tasty at the same time. Due to hectic schedules, we often tend to skip meals and it is then that several health issues crop up. However, with this useful product in your possession, you can bid farewell to any such issues. The supplement also revitalizes your system after workout sessions. You will stay fit and gain the desirable amount of calories in a healthy fashion having opted for this exclusive item. It not only helps you to gain weight but also improves the growth of muscles so that you remain in healthy shape. Therefore, do not wait any longer. This valuable weight gainer that is effective in muscle building is the ultimate healthy option to gain weight in a secure manner. You can own this jar with just a simple click of the mouse. Also, recommend the product to near and dear ones who are looking for a solution for similar problems. Buy the British Nutrition X-Tra Weight Gainer Chocolate online. Get it delivered to your doorstep. Buy online. Hurry!

Key Highlights:

Brand: British Nutrition

Type: X-tra Weight Gainer

Flavour: Chocolate

Weight of the Product: 1 kg

Target Audience: Unisex

Package Content: 1 Unit

Features: British Nutrition X-tra Gainer - 1 Kg

  • Engineered with a blend of high quality proteins (whey, soy and milk protein)
  • Power packed with 72 percent digestible carbohydrates
  • Fortified with BCAA vitamins and minerals
  • Low fat to promote healthy weight gain
  • Enhanced with 16 essential vitamins and minerals for improved nutrition
Product Details
Manufacturer British Nutritions Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Part Number 8906010160258
Brand British Nutrition
Model Number 5800110068
Target Gender Unisex
Flavour Chocolate
Theme Whey protein, muscle grow, Muscle building, Not for medical use
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 1 kg

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Overall Rating 3.7 out of 5 stars
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