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British Nutritions Xtra Whey gm vanilla (1Kg)

British Nutritions Xtra Whey gm vanilla (1Kg)

Flavour Unisex
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Overview: British Nutritions Xtra Whey Gm Vanilla

Jump into the ride of extreme body building with the help and assistance of the perfect supplement. Introducing to you the British Nutritious Extra Whey Supplement, 1Kg with vanilla flavor. This is the perfect supplement to grow extreme muscles within a matter of few months. The British Extra Whey supplement understands your body's physiology, offers you enough protein, amino acid, and supplements to help your muscles grow and bulk up as you move on. The supplement contains the purest variety of protein. As you grow your muscles, your immunity becomes an issue. Your body becomes prone to diseases and harmful elements as your muscles grow. To avoid such a thing, the British Nutritious Extra Whey helps in increasing the immune system. It contains zero amounts of fat and lactose, making it more desirable by bodybuilders. It is safe, secure and comes highly recommended by bodybuilders.

Steep up Your Potential

British Nutritious Extra Whey is dedicated to offer lean mass growth and helps you to achieve more muscle strength than ever before. Your benefits lie in its multi-functional advantages. It contains essential amino acids that help in eliminating free radicals from the body and promote more mass. The nutrient content present in British Nutritious, help you to grow better and stronger muscles. It helps you to counteract the harmful effects of fatigue and makes you last longer in the gym. Its new and improved body mass gain formula gives you the perfect dose of stamina that you require for weight training. The whey content also helps in a large amount, the healthy growth of muscles of your body. You may purchase your own case of British Nutritious Extra Whey at and get the best price for it from all around India. Shop online at and check out this product, its features and other information at Junglee.

Product Details
Brand British Nutritions
Flavour Unisex
Warranty Replacement warranty against manufacturing defect for complaints received within 24hrs of order delivery

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