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The Broken Ear (Tintin)

The Broken Ear (Tintin)

Product Specifications
Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Egmont
About the Book: Tintin and the Broken Ear The Broken Ear (1937) is the story of a thrilling pursuit.Tintin sets off to South America to retrieve a stolen fetish.There, all sorts of interests are in conflict: military, economicand the war of the Gran Chaco which had been opposing Bolivia andParaguay for the past three years. A small Arumbaya statue has been stolen in a museum, thenreturned. One little detail though will tell Tintin that instead ofthe original, a mere replica was returned. There must be a secrethiding behind this small statue since its robbery was carefullyconcealed. This is in South America that Tintin will find the keyto this enigma. About the Author: Herge Herge was born Georges Remi on 22 May, 1907 in Etterbeek, asuburb of Brussels, in Belgium. After leaving school, he worked forthe daily newspaper, Le XXe Siecle (The 20th Century). He wasresponsibe the for the section of the newspaper designed forchildren. Tintin, the main character in his works, was introducedon Ja ... See more
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