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Shaw Brother's Triple Threat (Invincible Shaolin/Life Gamble/Shaolin Prince)

Shaw Brother's Triple Threat (Invincible Shaolin/Life Gamble/Shaolin Prince)

Format DVD
DVD Regions U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda
Actor(s) Chien Sun, Sheng Chiang, Sheng Fu, Philip Kwok, Lung Ti, Tung-Shing Yee
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Product Description

With the music industry growing at an unprecedented rate, and the movie industry accounting for more and more of the overall spending across nations, it has become an ever daunting task to make the system more susceptible to issues that reflect the world while also providing a way to kick back and relax with the family. The issues of piracy make themselves even more obvious, as more and more people try to wheedle their way out of authentic printed data and find ways to acquire it illegally with the internet playing a severely detrimental role in the whole process. It is only fair then, that the most wonderful motion pictures of all time, find refuge in the legal printed forms they were meant to be seen, while people find them made accessible in a way that is reasonable and economical for their benefit.

About the Product

In this culturally rich story about strife and conflict, and the fate of those caught in the middle of such disputes, the North Shaolin teaches are called upon to do their duty by Manchos, to train soldiers for the war brewing between the clans that is as inevitable as it is futile. The South Shaolin General is killed in a battle that is waged by the soldiers, his death conveniently pinned on the Northern Shaolin teachers, after which there is little for these teachers to do, but face the agony of being severely ostracized and having to flee the lands as far as they can to seek shelter and find a way to make their comeback without being indicted as the murderers they are framed to be. The attempts to make peace are constantly thwarted as the North and South continue to fight, killing innocent victims in the process. Unable to combat the North Shaolin, the South train with an expert teacher, who teaches them to be superior to the teachers of the North and avenge the deaths of their messengers, thereby re-establishing peace and friendship in the lands amongst the Shaolin. This continues across three generations of strife, before something can finally be done to salvage their land, and unite them against a common enemy. Including CDs of the Invincible Shaolin, and Life Gamble and Shaolin Princer, this set is a brilliant way for an action packed weekend marathon with friends! Directed by Cheh Chang, it includes timeless actors such as Chien Sun, Sheng Chiang, Feng Lu, Philip Kwok, Meng Lo, Pai Wei, Lung Wei Wang, Dick Wei, Tai Ping Yu, Shen Chan, Chih-kuang Chen and Hung Chen.

About the Manufacturer

The DVD version of this timeless classic is brought to you by Funimation, a leading production house in the India. The largest distributor of Indian and foreign entertainment in the country, this production house is known for the quality of their discs and their overall printing finesse. The DVD version is a high print, high definition version, produced for audiences globally.

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Product Details
Theatrical Release Date January 1, 2010
Format DVD
DVD Regions U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda
Actor(s) Chien Sun, Sheng Chiang, Sheng Fu, Philip Kwok, Lung Ti, Tung-Shing Yee
Director(s) Cheh Chang, Chia Tang
No of Discs 3
Runtime 298 minutes
Studio Funimation
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 19.1 cm x 14 cm x 1.9 cm

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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  A Triple Treat too! 30 September, 2012 On
    The Shaw Brothers were the pioneers of Hong Kong cinema and were the Hollywood of South East Asia for most part of the twentieth century. The two brothers, Sir Run Run Shaw and Runme Shaw, together produced hundreds of martial arts films that showcased the work of such world-class directors like Chang Cheh, King Hu and Lau Kar-leung. This Triple Threat pack from the house of Shaw Brothers studio contains three DVDs – Invincible Shaolin, Life Gamble and the Shaolin Prince. Funimation studios released this 3-pack DVD set with a run time of 298 minutes of action-packed martial arts techniques.

    Invincible Shaolin premiered in the year 1978 and was directed by Chang Cheh. With a plot that deals with the rivalries of the Qing Dynasty, this movie is packed with martial arts techniques personified by the North and South Shaolin schools. General Pu, the evil warlord of the film, decides to eliminate all the Shaolin masters from the Qing Empire. In a deathly conspiracy that unfolds, two camps fight to overthrow the other with their unique and powerful Kung fu styles. The Northern trio have the upper hand at first, but the Southern trio rigorously train to prove themselves worthy opponents. Not knowing that the Shaolin masters are being framed, the plot takes a detour for the better as evil is finally vanquished!

    Life Gamble, also directed by Chang Cheh was produced by the Shaw Brothers in the year 1978. The plot revolves around the lives of assassins who have possessed a precious stone illegally and are now vying for individual glory and power. Starring Sheng Fu and Philip Kwok as the good guys, they hope to return the piece of jade back to the police. With a powerful and bloodthirsty ring leader, each of the assassins try to get the precious stone, but they are all thwarted with the help of Kuo Chui’s (Philip Kwok) weapons of destruction that are rigged and flawed. Embroiled in treachery and deceit, the assassins gamble away their lives for the jade stone.

    Shaolin Prince, originally titled Shaolin chuan ren, released in the year 1982 and was directed by Chia Tang. Starring Lung Ti as Tao Hung, Tung-Shing Yee as Wong Szu Tai, Jason Pai Piao as Iron Fingers and Feng Ku as the Prime Minister, Wang, this movie shows a power hungry Prince (9th Prince – Iron Fingers) who commits grave atrocities against the Emperor and succeeds as the unlawful heir. Assuming to have killed the Emperor’s sons as well, the 9th Prince basks and rejoices in his newfound glory and power. The two sons are rescued by the well-meaning bodyguard, Li Chin, but are eventually separated. One of the brothers is brought up in the Shaolin Temple by the 3 Holy Fools and the other brother is raised by the Prime Minister. In what seems to be a stroke of luck, the brothers chance to meet and realize that they are related. What ensues is a battle with Iron Fingers and the pursuit of the mysterious e-ching manual.
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