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Brut Classic 88Ml (M) - EDT - Perfume For Men - 88 ML

Brut Classic 88Ml (M) - EDT - Perfume For Men - 88 ML

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Target Gender Male
Product Weight 88 grams
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Overview: Brut Classic 88ml

Safety Information

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep away from naked flame or direct heat sources. Do not apply to sensitive skin. Do not apply to broken or inflamed skin. If irritation develops, reduce frequency or discontinue use.

Perfumes, originally known as parfums are a mixture of essential fragrant oils and aroma compounds that are used to give the body a pleasant scent. Modern perfumes were produced in the late 19th century with a synthesis of vanilla and coumarin. The longevity and intensity of a perfume's fragrance depends on the concentration of the aromatic compound that are used. Perfumes have been much in demand for their fragrant benefits and are used as a necessity by men and women both. The number of perfumes being introduced in the market is innumerable leading to people possessing a wide array of perfumes to add to their dressing tables. Brut has been one such brand that has been in the market for years and is a popular choice amongst men for its masculine fragrance. If you are on the lookout for a perfume worth buying then Brut Classic 88Ml (M) - EDT - Perfume For Men is an extremely smart pick.

Features of the perfume:

Brut Classic is an original spray cologne known for its fine quality fragrance. A classic cologne essentially describes a man's and woman's fragrance which are a blend of citrus without having a perfume parent that it originates from. Classical colognes differ from modern colognes as their fragrance is less concentrated and lighter than a usual perfume. Men's colognes such as this have a similar concentration to eau de toilette and are known for their ability to not only smell good, but also give the wearer a sense of freshness. This Brut Classic is characterised by a refined, lavender, spicy and amber fragrance, typically masculine possessing a blend of citrus top notes with a hint of spicy woods.  Top notes are the means by which perfumes are described, in terms of musical notes. The scents of these notes are such that they are perceived immediately after applying. They consist of light molecules that evaporate very quickly, forming a person's initial impression of the perfume, enabling them to buy it faster than expected. The combination of the various fragrances suggest the superior quality of the perfume, with its blend of lavender, spicy and wood fragrances, a mixtures of light and yet strong wood fragrance, giving its superior masculine scent. Apart from possessing an excellent fragrance, the look of the perfume bottle is as good as its fragrance. Brut is essentially known for its ultra smart look and elegant packaging. Coming in the classic green bottle, compact and smart, it has a chain tag which denotes the brand's name "Brut" with Original Spray Cologne and its composition written below at the bottom of the bottle. A shiny metallic cap contrasts the green of the bottle, giving it a very masculine and elegant look, very appealing to the buyer's eyes. Brut is known for its fragrance as well its smart packagaing, therefore, being every buyer's choice.

Brut fulfils its buyer's wishes:

Brut as a brand believes in the concept that each man should have the inalienable right and ability to smell like a man. Since the year of 1964, Brut has often been the first fragrance chosen by teenagers around the world, marking their transition to manhood. Since their inception Brut cologne has evolved into a full product line complementing all stages of the masculine grooming process. Known for its superior masculine fragrance, it is widely popular amongst men all over the world and continues to be a favourite.

Key highlights:

Original Spray Cologne

For external use only

Spicy, lavender and amber fragrance.

Shop online for this Brut Classic 88Ml (M) - EDT - Perfume For Men - 88 ML and make an impression with its fragrance.

Features: Brut Classic 88ml

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Product Details
Manufacturer Friends Jewellary
Manufacturer Part Number BRUBRUM0308802
Brand Brut
Model Number 116783_OB
Target Gender Male
Theme designated-beauty
Item Package Quantity 1
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 88 grams

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