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Btwin - Btwin ROCKRIDER 51(BROWN : M)

Btwin - Btwin ROCKRIDER 51(BROWN : M)

Model Number 8179276
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Overview: Btwin - Btwin Rockrider 51

Btwin the most well renowned name in cycling products, mountain bikes hybrid bikes and the gamut goes on. Btwin rockrider 51 is an amazing product a sport bike that is most suitable for light trails and roads.

This wonderful mountain bike possess dazzling features that gives an edge over other light trails mountain bikes in the market. This mountain bike has a unisex aluminium frame and front suspension with a brilliant sports geometry, which one can ever imagine.

The incredible sports gear can be used by both males and females to enjoy cycling. The best part of the cool mountain bike is the extremely low maintenance which can be look after at basic level also, with a long term warranty services.

Rockrider 51 is known for the comfort, which it provides to the riders, semi-slick tyres of 26 by 2.0 provides the best combination that works out flawless on city roads as well on light trails. The Btwin rockrider 51 has no age limits, people of any age can use it to enjoy riding V-brakes with grip shifters gives relief to your palm because the powerful brake system only allows you to use two fingers to stop whenever required.

The overall weight of the bike is light with aluminium made rims with 36 holes that helps in making the overall weight of bike as light, with suspension fork wide all around tyres is the cushioning feature that Btwin Rockride 51 has, VP platform pedals on bearings helps in moving fast by accelerating on them. One of the three contact points on an upright bicycle so called seat or saddle is made of HL SP200 steel, which gives you a comfortable seat post in any position, steel components adds the durability and endurance to the product. The adjustable saddle and prevailing platform pedals makes it user-friendly for cycling lovers.

Cycling is an exercise that enthrals the journey of the biker uphill, flat or downhill at any light trail ride of the biker could be adjusted because the Rockrider 51 has 21 speed gears that will always balance your ride in terms of speed.

Grip of the light weight, user friendly mountain bike make easy for the beginners who want to go for mountain biking. Bicycle fork has 6061 aluminium frame, steel fork. 52-tooth chainring. HL 153 580 semi-raised steel handlebar adds to the feature of the bike.

With the numerous features ranging from technical, quality, safety and durability point of view highlights the brown colour Btwin rockrider in the sports market. So if you are planning to buy a cycle to enjoy cycling then you should aim for super Btwin Rockrider 51, because that will definitely make cycling more cool, fun loving for you, since its suitable for both genders the lightweight mountain bike at present is preferred choice of people. So next time when cycling strikes your mind for exercise purpose or for a ride with friends, then Btwin Rockrider 51 should be the one to pedal off, because speed gears, design, longevity and many more all are well portrayed by the persona of Btwin rockrider 51.

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Features: Btwin - Btwin Rockrider 51

  • Durability: Reinforced aluminium frame; b'Twin-tested components
  • Easy to use: Exclusive geometry
  • Cushioning: Suspension fork; wide all-round tyres
  • The quick release front wheel can remove easily practice at the time of storing your bike in the car, at home or when roubleshooting
  • The steel components ensure the bike's durability and longevity. Wide, comfortable saddle
Product Details
Manufacturer Btwin
Brand Btwin
Model Number 8179276
Colour Name Brown
Technical Specification
Assembly Required Yes

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