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Btwin - Btwin ROCKRIDER 51(BROWN : L)

Btwin - Btwin ROCKRIDER 51(BROWN : L)

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Overview: Btwin - Btwin Rockrider 51

If you are fan of tough bicycles and bicycle races and one day wish to participate in professional races, you must take some time to check out the Rockrider 51 from Btwin. This is one bike that is sure to impress you with its features and looks. The sturdy and rough bicycle is perfect for races that cover rocky terrain and will surely give you a head start in every race that you participate in. This bike in brown and black is a must-have for you if you are a Lance Armstrong fan. So what are you waiting for? Shop online for the Btwin Rockrider 51 today!

Sturdy Construction and Mind Blowing Features

This bicycle has a muscular reinforced aluminium frame. The frame is a 6061 T4T6 with an exclusive five geometry for a variety of uses. Thus it is lighter and more comfortable to ride. This frame can be easily adjusted as per your comfort level. This also helps you control the bike easily. The frame has been painted with three coats, which ensures that the frame is protected and you look stylish as you ride your bike. This bike is equipped with a Suntour XCT suspension that adds to the stability of the bike. This allows you to comfortably ride on a road that is full of bumpers. The comfortable and rotating handles allow you to make swift and quick turns without any hassles. The SRAM MRX 21 allows you to ride easily, even on steep slopes. The rear and front derailleurs are from Shimano. The front derailleur is a Shimano TZ30. The KMC Z51 grip makes it easy even for beginners to ride this bike comfortably and easily. The grips enable easier control of the entire bike which in turn ensures better balance and safety. The HL SP200 steel seat post allows easy adjustment of the seat so that you do not end up with a sore back after riding for long hours. The saddle is made of polyurethane and thus it is durable and strong. The wide saddles lets you enjoy long and comfortable rides.

The rims of the wheels are made of aluminium and this makes them light in weight. The tyres can be removed and attached with ease. This allows easy cleaning of the bike and thus saves overall time spent cleaning the bike. The 26 x 2 tyres are semi-slick and this feature makes it easy to race on any track. The structure of the tyres alow solid grip of the roads and thus there is no chance of slipping even if you ride the bike during the rainy season. The brakes that this bike is equipped with are V brakes. The brakes can be easily applied, even with the power of one finger. This allows you to take swift turns and perform stunts that would blow everyone's mind. This bicycle comes with VP pedals with soft bearings. The overall weight of the bike is 14 kilograms when measured without the pedals. So if you want to be a champion, buy the Btwin ROCKRIDER 51 online today!

Product Details
Manufacturer Btwin
Brand Btwin
Colour Name Brown

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