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Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading

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Language English
Video Format DVD
Number Of Discs 1

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Overall Rating 3.3 out of 5 stars
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  1.  A classic movie about obsession, love,passion and betrayal 16 July, 2014 On
    I am not able to decipher the fact that how on earth the movie of this panache and magnitude can be rated badly , perhaps the viewer would have been too lame to dissect the humor and satire portrayed in the movie.
    It is an intelligent movie, the plot is amazing and the twists and the turns and the ironies of life and how the lives are interconnected has been shown impeccable int this movie and everything seems so right and apt.
    The cast has been chosen judiciously and I loved to watch John Malcovich and Brad Pit in this movie and George Clooney I think couldn't have been better than this. Everything is so right in place about this movie that its quite difficult to pick a bone.
    It keeps you hooked from starting till end, I looked at the philosophical aspect of life which is quite subtly embedded in this movie , I like the character of Litze lady who just wants to have a makeover some cosmetic surgeries to look young and just to increase the prospects of getting laid , meeting different men. Its actually displays the distress and appetite for unknown in humans who don't actually know what they want and sometimes the superficial things in life keep them so occupied that they start believing that these fallacies will eventually lead them to the pleasure and happiness.
    When I said appetite for known I mean that you don't really know what you want still you want to have it. You want a cosmetic surgery, you want to design an innovative chair that would help women to get pleasure, you want to betray your husband because he has a drinking problem, you want to divorce your wife because you are with some one else and your wife is actually wants to divorce you on the very first place because she never needed you.
    A guys get shot over the whim of a middle aged women who is on the brink of senility and need money for cosmetic surgery. A gym manager dies for no reason and some one who kills that gym manager dies again for no reason.
    The plot is amazing ,its really funny and satiric at the same time.
    I would watch this again.
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