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Byond L1 Laplet ( WiFi , 3G via Dongle ) with free Keyboard

Byond L1 Laplet ( WiFi , 3G via Dongle ) with free Keyboard

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Overview: Byond L1 Laplet

A computer was a boom in the field of technology. After its arrival many things became easy and simple. It helped relieve a lot of man-power dependency and assured actions to be taken in a much faster and precise way. As the technology advanced the size of the computer became more compact and then came laptops. Laptops proved much more efficient in terms of portability. Now at present it is the era of tablets, which are very much compact, hand-held devices having faster processing in comparison to its size. They are very much convenient and have a lot of multiple features available. One feature that is not available with a tablet is the manual keyboard to type and enter data. This limitation or problem has been solved with the creation of a Laplet. A Laplet is basically a tablet connected to an external keyboard which is compatible with it. Hence, one can enjoy a pocket-type laptop experience with this device. It is a very portable and stylish device. Suppose you are stuck somewhere and there is an urgent need for you to send in some urgent information to office. If you have this Laplet, you can quickly type the data to be sent and transfer it immediately within a minute. This is a very suitable device for people who have a habit of using a keyboard. Byond brings to you a similar device which can make your experience with technology much more exciting and fun

Description of Byond L1 Laplet ( WiFi , 3G via Dongle ) with free Keyboard

A Laplet is basically a tablet connected to a keyboard. It can perform various functions like sending and receiving e-mails, listening music, watching movies and videos, creating and storing important data, using various user friendly applications which can be related to entertainment and other purposes. This Laplet from Byond has all the necessary specifications to satisfy one's technological needs. A user friendly interface along with a smart design makes it look attractive

Features of Byond L1 Laplet ( WiFi , 3G via Dongle ) with free Keyboard

This particular Laplet is a fully loaded creation. It is available in a colour Black. The operating system is Android 4.0.4 along with a Cortex A8 1.2 GHz processor. The size of the display screen is 7 inches and the screen resolution is 800 x 480 pixels providing the user with a good visual treat. The storage memory is 4 GB with 512 MB RAM. The battery of this Laplet is a 3200 mAh one. This Laplet has a Full HD video player which can support up to 1080p with 6 hours of continuous video streaming. This Laplet also has options for long lasting backup for internet and videos. A primary camera of 0.3 MP and a front facing VGA camera.This gadget has connectivity for 3G and Wi-Fi but no option is available for voice calling. Thus one can surf through the internet and browse through various sites if there is an active internet service or any Wi-Fi zone available. There is a 3- months Seller warranty provided with this Laplet

Why to choose Byond L1 Laplet ( WiFi , 3G via Dongle ) with free Keyboard

If you are a tech freak and stylish and innovative things attract you, then you can feed very well on this particular device. It has almost everything you can ask for, from a good processor to a user friendly interface. One can manage their work in a very systematic and planned way if they are using this device as a medium. It has a music player along with a Full HD video player that is a very exciting feature. Videos and movies would be a visual delight with stunning resolution. A primary as well as a front facing camera is equipped to take beautiful pictures. You can buy this Byond L1 Laplet ( WiFi , 3G via Dongle ) with free Keyboard at a very attractive price at Once you have purchased this Byond L1 Laplet ( WiFi , 3G via Dongle ) with free Keyboard, do not forget to leave your valuable reviews at

Product Details
Brand Byond
Warranty 3 Months Seller Warranty

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