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Brand Sunpet
Model Number SUNPET 109320-28
Material Plastic
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Are you a perfectionist? Do you love to keep all your belongings in place? Then you must need a set of containers for your kitchen which will keep all your spices and other edible things arranged nicely in your kitchen cabinet. If you have been facing problems in finding a particular spice which you need it immediately in the middle of cooking, then do not worry anymore, these containers will enable you to keep all your stuff together. You will know exactly where you have kept which spice and you will never misplace them. Let us check out the quality of the containers and know more about its utility which will help you make the purchase.

Amazing Design

The containers are completely transparent which enables you to look into them. The transparency of the containers lets you identify the spices without opening the lid. Even from a distance you can see the ingredients. The containers are completely leak proof. If you keep any chutney or any thing in a liquid state in one of the containers be rest assured that it will not spill. The containers are unbreakable. Even if you drop the containers accidentally, do not worry, the jar will neither break not will the food come out of it. This is very helpful, specially when small children are at home. Generally, children enter the kitchen and start playing with different containers, the strong built of the containers will not let the food get spoiled. The lid of the container is made of ivory. It is ivory which makes the container strong. Good quality plastic is used for the making of the containers. The better the quality of the containers, the longer is its longevity. The containers will last long and the quality will not get ruined with time. Buy online CONTAINERS-SUNPET PREMIUM ROUND JAR SET No. 109320-28 OF 28 Pcs and bring home an amazing product.

Features Of The Containers

The containers are made up of food grade material which keeps the spices and the other edible things fresh for a longer period of time. The containers are odourless. If you keep your spices in it, be sure that the smell of the spices will remain intact and not go away. If you are travelling somewhere, be rest assured that the smell of your food will not come out of the container and pollute the environment. You can even store the containers inside the refrigerator, if you want to retain the feshness of your food. The containers are freezer safe. The Sunpet Premium Round Containers are quite strong. They will not break easily. Even though the plastic used is strong enough, the containers have a very light weight. You can carry them whenever you like without any problem. It must be kept in mind that you can only store food or liquid which are cold and not hot. Hot water should not be filled in the containers. It is an ideal product for you, if you travel quite often. Shop online CONTAINERS-SUNPET PREMIUM ROUND JAR SET No. 109320-28 OF 28 Pcs and enhance the look of your kitchen. The containers are a set of 28 pieces which comes in different shapes and sizes. You can store little quantity of things in the smaller boxes and bigger quantities in bigger boxes. Use the containers according to your needs.

Maintenance and Care

Maintaining the containers is really easy. All you need to do is just clean all the containers with luke warm water. After cleaning the containers, wipe them with a dry cloth. You can then store all your edible things in the containers. Another thing which is to be kept in mind is that you should not use a scrubber while washing them. You can use a mild soap while cleaning.

About The Brand

The company Sunpet is a very well known brand which is renowned for producing good quality kitchen accessories. They are very famous for delivering quality products. The company Sunpet promises durability. If you face any problem regarding the product, you can simply call the company. The representatives of the company will give you a patient hearing and provide you with proper solutions. The representatives of the company are very much approachable and friendly. They are just a call away.

Key Features

Jars are made up of Ivory and plastic

Transparent containers

Freezer safe

Keeps food fresh

Foodgrade approved

Extremely Light weight

Product Details
Brand Sunpet
Model Number SUNPET 109320-28
Colour Name Transparent
Material Plastic
Item Package Quantity 28

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