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COSPLAY INSHOP 28 " Hair Cosplay Wig Black
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COSPLAY INSHOP 28 " Hair Cosplay Wig Black

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Overview: Cosplay Inshop 28 " Hair Cosplay Wig Black

A hairstyle refers to the styling of an individual's hair. The styling of a person's hairstyle is considered to be an important aspect of a personal grooming regime. The oldest known braiding of hair depiction goes back to around 30000 years where in, during the ancient civilizations, a woman's hair was elaborately and very carefully adorned in a variety of special ways that enhance her beauty as a woman. The way a woman wears her hair talks volumes regarding her personality. A beautiful hairstyle and a trendy hairdo always add to the appearance of both women and men. Some people, on the other hand, also wish to maintain their original hairstyles and opt for a change in hairstyle just for a particular occasion, without wanting to go through the tiresome ordeal of getting a haircut and having to wait for it to grow back again. This is where wigs come in as a boon. If you wish to sport a stylish and trendy hairdo, wigs have become very popular amongst the women who wish to stay in touch with today's fashion by still keeping to their original hairstyle. If you are on the lookout for a very stylish wig to sport for a short span of time then this Cosplay Inshop 28 " Long Wavy Heat Resistant Wig would be the best option for you.

Product Features:

A wig is a covering of the head that is usually made from human or animal hair, even synthetic fibres that can be worn for fashionable reasons as well as for your personal reasons which could include culture and religious observation. The word "wig" is short for "periwig" which had made its entry into the dictionary around the year 1675. Most often, people sport wigs in order to disguise the trouble of balding. It also also has the benefit of being used as a less expensive alternative to the medical therapies that usually result in restoring hair. Wigs are very popularly worn by actors and actresses in theaters and movies in order to sport a certain character and do justice to their look. This Cosplay Inshop wig is a heat resistant wig that sports a trendy long layered hairstyle in black that is sure to grab the praises of all those trendy fashion conscious girls. It is a long layered hairstyle with side bangs falling on the forehead, a favourite hairstyle amongst the girls of today. This wig is crafted from synthetic fibres handmade by skillful workers. Synthetic fibre the best fibre yarn that has the ability to come closest to the texture of your human hair possessing all its physical properties, in terms of texture, appearance and its natural colour, looking as natural as human hair does. The design of the wig makes use of the center top of your head which positions the wig in the correct place and sets it accordingly. The wig is 100% breathable and very comfortable to wear, allowing the absorption of moisture levels to keep your scalp properly hydrated, preventing it from making your scalp dry. This wig sports the trendy layered hair with curls that women love to have, especially those with straight hair, as wavy haircut with pretty layers at the bottom that gives a textured volume to your hair, giving your hair the desired bounce, keeping it soft and healthy. This wig product also comes with a wig cap that you can use to set your wig in place. Wear this trendy and stylish wig with comfort and confidence.

Maintaining a Wig:

It is very important to look after your wigs in the correct manner, to keep them looking new and clean for a long duration of time. The maintenance of human hair wigs is very similar to that of real hair and can be brushed, styled and kept clean using your normal hair care products. This wig is also heat resistant as a result of which you can iron it flat with a hair iron and style it according to your needs. Your wig should be brushed dry before you apply shampoo so that the tangles in the wig are completely removed. Your wig should be dipped in water with a mild shampoo to be cleaned thoroughly. After washing your wig, you should make sure that it is air dried naturally into the previous hairstyle when it was purchased. By keeping these maintenance tips in mind while taking care of your wig, you will ensure that the wig lasts for many years to come.

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Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number M2-KBUF-IUB2
Theme Black Friday 2014
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 28 cm x 16 cm x 5 cm

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