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CUBIX Ultra Thin Rubberized Matte Hard Case Back Cover for SONY XPERIA Z ULTRA C6802 (Black)
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CUBIX Ultra Thin Rubberized Matte Hard Case Back Cover for SONY XPERIA Z ULTRA C6802 (Black)

Colour Black
Compatible Devices Sony Xperia Z Ultra C6802
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Product Description

Smartphones are delicate gadgets that should be handled with utmost care otherwise it might spoil the attractive design of this handset. This kind of gadget usually has a slippery back and that is why it often slips from one's palms. Therefore, using a phone case cover can actually add a little grip to the handset. So, if you want to keep your handset protected against stains and scratches, you should try out this Cubix Hard Case Back Cover. Form fitting and contemporary in appearance, this phone accessory will fit tightly on the Sony Xperia Z Ultra C6802 perfectly.


Made of fine quality polycarbonate and rubber materials, this phone accessory is of excellent quality. The materials are treated differently with the implementation of high end techniques so as to make them sturdy enough to withstand regular wear and tear. This phone accessory is made as per the strict safety norms so that the cover is safe to use.

Design & Style:

This hard case cover is designed in such a manner that it fits the handset perfectly and you do not have to worry about the cover coming out of its place. It is pretty fashionable and can add a lot to the overall style of the handset. It is black in colour, which is dark enough to minimise the chances of the visibility of dust or dirt. The presence of the brand name just on the back of the case cover ensures authenticity of the accessory.

This cover comes with important cut outs so you do not have to remove the cover in order to get easy access to the connectors, camera and volume buttons of the handset. The exterior area of the cover has a matte finish, while the interior has a soft lining so that it does not leave scratches on the back cover of the handset. This cover is a bit flexible so you will find it easy and convenient to install or remove it. It features a sturdy built so that it can absorb the shock therefore, it helps you keep the handset free from stains, scrapes and dents.

How this phone accessory is useful?

If the handset slips from your palms quite number of times, then it will not only spoil the elegant appearance of the handset because of dents but it may also damage some internal parts. As a result, the smooth functioning of the handset will be stopped. But this will not happen if you start using this phone cover case. This cover serves great purpose specially when there is a liquid or food spillage.

It often happens that the edges of the gadget hit the wall or door corners when you in hurry. Finally you find scratches or dents on the edges of the handset, this drive you crazy. Buying a new gadget will cost you more but if you start using this phone back case cover, you can actually protect your handset from abrasions and you do not have to think getting a new one.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to enhance the longevity of the handset, you should buy Cubix Hard Case Back Cover for Sony Xperia online. So, you do not have to step out of your house rather you can sit at home and make the purchase. When it comes to maintenance of the phone case cover it is not a big deal. All you need to do is clean the cover using a brush with soft bristles. It should be kept away from heat, water and chemicals. In case of water spillage, you should remove the phone and wipe the accessory with a soft cotton cloth. Then leave the cover to get dry in room temperature. As this cover is made of rubber material, it is advisable that you do not keep it just beside a heater, oven or heated iron.

Key Highlights:

Comes in black colour

Made of polycarbonate and rubber materials

Comes with all important cut outs

Ensures easy access to buttons, ports and camera

Hardly adds any weight to the gadget

Light in weight

Protects the gadget against stains and scrapes

Product Features

  • Ultra Thin and stylish (weight Less than 10-15 Gram).
  • Protect your SONY XPERIA Z ULTRA C6802 from scratches and dents with this back cover.
  • Made from high Quality Polycarbonate and Rubber Material
  • All buttons and jacks are accessible through the cutouts.
  • Hard but flexible material makes fitting and removing the case much easier.
Product Details
Manufacturer CUBIX
Manufacturer Part Number BIPLOCT0314838
Model Number BIPOLOCT0314838
Colour Black
Technical Specification
Device Type Back Cover
Compatible Devices Sony Xperia Z Ultra C6802
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 18 cm x 5.5 cm x 2.7 cm

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Overall Rating 3 out of 5 stars
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