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USB OTG On-The-Go Cable for Connecting USB Devices for Mobiles and Tablets (Color May Vary)
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USB OTG On-The-Go Cable for Connecting USB Devices for Mobiles and Tablets (Color May Vary)

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Compatible Devices All OTG Data Support Devices and Tablets Mobiled
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Product Description

Have you ever tried to access your flash drive on the go on your phone, but the next moment you realised that you are actually missing something? Now get the liberty to access your pen drive or any flash drive on-the-go with this Generic Black Micro USB OTG Cable. This Micro USB OTG cable is built for those users who are too lethargic to carry their laptops but still want to access their flash drives on their mobiles or tablets! The phones or the tablets it is connected to will act as host devices and the flash drives will act as clients or slaves.


The data cable is black in colour and therefore would match with the colour of any device it is connected to. Since it is black, the dirt accumulated would not become visible or prominent while the user uses it. The hard and durable wire is going to last for years to come and will be providing you with unmatched service. The insulated wire is made of the highest quality that would protect your phone as well as your power source in the safest way. The plastic caps of the jacks near the USB sign and has been moulded perfectly on to the wire. The neck that connects the wire to the jacks is made of rubber and is flexible enough to bend any direction you want it to bend. It is of considerable length and therefore would not be a problem if you try to access your phone while you are transferring files. The metal male and female jacks of the cable are rust-resistant and corrosion free. This feature of the product makes it all the more desirable in terms of durability. The quality of the wire is such that it would not get entangled under any circumstances, thus giving you frustration-free service.


The simple yet stylish OTG cable with its unique finishing is a product that will be of essential use wherever you go. View files from your flash drive or edit them while you view them on your Android Smartphone. The user can even transfer files from the phone to the flash drive or vice versa. There will be absolutely no loss of data during the transfer. Use of the latest technology makes your files secure and safe during the transfer of files. This OTG cable will also give you the authority to connect mouse and keyboards to your Android mobile or tablet. The input devices will work perfectly on the Android devices these USB peripherals are connected to. Now take control of your tablets and mobiles with the keyboard and mice. You can even play games on your devices by connecting a USB gamepad to your Android via this Micro USB OTG cable. Access other memory cards by attaching a card reader to this cable and then view it or edit on your Android device. Transfer files from other Android devices to your Android device. by connecting a normal USB cable to this OTG cable. This product is compatible with all the latest Android Smartphones which makes it a big boon among all its other glorious features.

How to Use?

Connect the OTG cable to your phone and then attach the USB Flash Drive. A pop-up window will appear asking for your permission to connect an external device. Tap OK to mount the drive to your Android device. Fire up the file manager application on your device. Head to SDcard / USB/ Storage and look for the name of your flash drive. Tap it, and you should be able to see the files contained on the memory stick. Now you can use flash drives to load things like movies, vacation photos, and music playlists without actually transferring them over to your device's internal storage. You can also move over a batch of files from the flash drive to your device using the file manager app. If you find you're having issues getting the flash drive to show up in your file explorer application, try simply turning the phone on and off again. You'll know that the phone recognizes the USB drive when you see its name pop-up in the accompanying popup dialog window. Shop OTG cable online and have this product delivered at your home in a matter of days.


We need to be extra cautious and keep it in a clean place to ensure the safety of both the OTG cable and the device. Any dust particle that goes inside the mouth of the cable may land the device, it is connected to, into trouble. Keep away from excessive temperatures as the extreme heat might damage the wire and thus might create dangerous problems when you start using it again. Make sure it is not kept at a place where there is moisture as it might, again, damage the product in the long run.

Buy Micro USB OTG cable online and have a valuable time shopping.

Product Features

  • About 10 cm long
  • Black colour
Product Details
Manufacturer Generic
Brand Generic
Model Number microOTG_1
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Technical Specification
Hard Disk Format MK TECH
Compatible Devices All OTG Data Support Devices and Tablets Mobiled
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 14.5 cm x 0.9 cm x 8.9 cm

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Overall Rating 2.9 out of 5 stars
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