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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (PS3)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (PS3)

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Product Description

A new upgrade for warfare game lovers, the COD just released its 4th version of the game or in other it is upgraded 4th time. This series of COD provides two types of gaming for game lovers, of which one is single player and the other is multi-player. In single player mode one can see the charts of US Marine Corps and US special air services after looking at the good. A small introduction made using animation is illustrated in the starting and this scenario continues during the important parts of this game. The artificial intelligence in a single player mode can reveal your talent inside. It helps you increase the awareness of your surrounds for being in army during all the time while playing. During the single player mode, you can be a hero of the troop because most of the people are busy with being their role, which decided by the computer, the only important role of thumb is to follow you and make a way for the people who are behind them, but there are some additional works that they are being like throwing grenades, covering your back and a some additional tasks similar to like this.

Obviously, computers AI would be more efficient than our AI, in this game it is really great. Their enemy AI is higher compared to the players, they can shoot you down with 3 bullets from any AK-47 and throw a grenade perfectly at you even from 500 meters far.

The real thrill comes when you start a multi-player game career, this game has some additional advantages with multi-player mode. In multi-player option you can see a variety of modes to select your playing range, in the standard death match and team death match modes of pc version you're summed up with 50 opponents to fight, if you hold up more than 12 seconds it would be a big thing. In HQ mode, you are placed with an opponent team and you have to hold headquarter for longest time located on the map helps you directing there. In sabotage mode, your team should locate a bomb with this you should blow up a target. In the starting phase, this game and weapons won't look much crispy to any war fare lovers even the perks are not that supportive as comparing with counter strike. But the original fun starts when you are going to be facing challenges placed in the game, it's not only booster but it also enhances your way of thinking.

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Product Features

  • Technological progress and military practices have converged with powerful consequences
  • Private military corporations (PMCs) have redrawn borders and rewritten the rules of war
  • Powerful exoskeletons enhance movement, verticality, strength, awareness and speed
  • Advanced arsenal and ability set include new equipment, technology, perks and vehicles
  • Choose between standard ammunition and directed-energy weaponry for new dynamics

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Am amazing Game with beautiful picture quality.... 28 May, 2015 On
    I've searched this game through Junglee and was able to see that the best price was available in via Cloudtail.

    I got the game in a day, thanks to Amazon's delivery process.

    Coming to the game, it is a wonderful game and liked it and compared to COD Ghosts, Advanced warfare is way high into graphics and story.

    The campaign mode was impressive - really felt like being a part of a movie.

    Two player mode is pretty decent.

    The customization of players and load out is terrific in multiplayer.

    On the whole an awesome game and liked it loads...
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2.  yeah video came ours Call of Duty 8 June, 2015 On
    This is the game of warfare is perfect , history of this game is awesome because the story of this nice version by version they make story nice and thurndering well every game is famous for graphics ,story, tactics weapons, visual effects and audio that things is i like music there is saying war can win by soldiers and this nice

    so we are soldiers in this game following comands so in this game there is advance weaponry and exoskeleton suit which introduce in this game make soldiers make firm owverall game is wow but there is always tweeks with pc
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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