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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Xbox One)

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare (Xbox One)

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Overview: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

Guns, explosions, warlords, drug cartels, conspiracies, cold wars, dirty politics, army secrets - are merely some ingredients that make an action-based game a spine-chilling, mind-numbing, high drama thriller. But again, those are some, not all. Advanced graphics is another of those little things. A proper gamer knows what he wants: high ambient occlusion so the environment looks real-er and less game-y, better post-processing and anti-aliasing for better textures and no rough edges, and a good enough frame-rate. And finally, the game play. What spoils an otherwise good game is poor game play, but sometimes even a half-hearted story gets a pass because the game play is amazing. When it comes to action, the first-person shooter is the unequivocal winner. And in that genre, the name Call of Duty is synonymous with extraordinary gaming experience. Feeding a whole generation of gamers to incredibly addictive plots, jaw-dropping graphics and out-of-the-world game play, Activision has done a fantastic job of keeping such a huge franchise alive and true to its roots, even after so many instalments. And now, they join up with Sledgehammer Games to give you their greatest spectacle yet: the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare for Xbox One. The dream FPS game has been brought to life, complete with the ultimate futuristic-tech, sophisticated armed mechanical exoskeletons and holographically projected interfaces for the user. The graphics are to die for, what with Activision pulling all the stops to make this the most surreally real gaming experience there is, and one might just run out of adjectives trying to describe the story, not helped by the fact that there's a CGI installation of Hollywood superstar Kevin Spacey holding the reins in this great war to save humanity.

The story

Set in the backdrop of a very technologically advanced but war-ravaged world forty years into the future, the tale is given an extra edge with its unnerving relevance to the real world political and military scene, with the blood-curdling factor added with the hidden teeth of truth embedded within the storyline. Advanced Warfare gives a myriad of fancy new toys to play with, from Threat Grenades that highlight enemies through walls to directed energy weapons, similar to lasers, that burn through armour, not to mention the weapon attachments that would turn your normal gun into some sort of super-gun. But these are not even the biggest attractions. The real money-spinner is the cybernetic exoskeleton that grants you superior physical abilities, and practically affects your every action in the game, particularly the ones like escaping from enemy fire or sneaking up behind someone or jumping on or off buildings. But given all that, this episode doesn't deviate from the elementary pacey game play that is one of the defining characteristics of Call of Duty. On the contrary, they have gone ahead and enhanced the speed and flexibility features, making the game a far better treat. Not only that, Advanced Warfare allows you a never-before enjoyed freedom where you can plan out your own manner to take down an enemy setup and execute accordingly. All of that is well and fine, but add to it the hyper-realistic rendering of facial features and environs, and you now have the full set. Sledgehammer

Games have made no qualms about pouring in everything to developing maddeningly superb graphic animations and it must be said that they are exquisitely impressive. Looking for an FPS that will give you sleepless nights? Well, you found it. Get your copy now, and fight your way to restoring peace on the planet. You really can't resist yourself from Call of Duty anyway so why wait.

Features: Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

  • Powerful exoskeletons enhance movement, verticality, strength, awareness and speed
  • Advanced arsenal and ability set include new equipment, technology, perks and vehicles
  • Choose between standard ammunition and directed-energy weaponry for new dynamics
  • Play all new Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare maps and content first on Xbox
  • Features the largest Call of Duty multiplayer community on Xbox Live

Customer Reviews on Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Am amazing Game with beautiful picture quality.... 28 May, 2015 On
    I've searched this game through Junglee and was able to see that the best price was available in via Cloudtail.

    I got the game in a day, thanks to Amazon's delivery process.

    Coming to the game, it is a wonderful game and liked it and compared to COD Ghosts, Advanced warfare is way high into graphics and story.

    The campaign mode was impressive - really felt like being a part of a movie.

    Two player mode is pretty decent.

    The customization of players and load out is terrific in multiplayer.

    On the whole an awesome game and liked it loads...
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
  2.  yeah video came ours Call of Duty 8 June, 2015 On
    This is the game of warfare is perfect , history of this game is awesome because the story of this nice version by version they make story nice and thurndering well every game is famous for graphics ,story, tactics weapons, visual effects and audio that things is i like music there is saying war can win by soldiers and this nice

    so we are soldiers in this game following comands so in this game there is advance weaponry and exoskeleton suit which introduce in this game make soldiers make firm owverall game is wow but there is always tweeks with pc
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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