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Call Of Duty: Black Ops PC Games

Call Of Duty: Black Ops PC Games

Manufacturer Activision Inc.
Platform Xbox
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Overview: Call Of Duty

Have shooting games always fantasized you? Enjoy the real life experience of a battle field with Call Of Duty: Black Ops. This is a first person shooter game developed by Treyarch and has a series of other game modules. Call Of Duty: Black Ops will put you in the role of a soldier in a variety of historically representative fictional Black Ops missions of the Cold War era. This version is the seventh entry in this blockbuster first person shooter franchise. Call of Duty: Black Ops takes you deep behind enemy lines into the world of deniable operations as a member of an Elite Special Forces unit engaging in covert warfare and explosive conflicts across the globe. With access to a variety of exclusive weaponry and equipment your actions will tip the balance during the most dangerous time period mankind has ever known. Be a part of the battle as you throw grenades and explosives, contend with rival armies and other harmful entities and test your limits as you wage through this interesting battle field game. If you are close enough to the enemy you can kill him with the blow of a knife. If your health is being damaged and you require quick recovery the screen blinks red to indicate the damage and you can regenerate your health over time.

New Weapons And Missions

Black ops have added new weapons and explosive for a new interactive gaming experience. You can enjoy new level of missions that makes Black Ops more interesting to play. You can change perspectives throughout the story with the role of various characters during the single-player campaign. These playable characters are special forces operatives conducting black operations behind enemy lines. While you start playing missions you get to achieve various objectives that ar3e displayed on the heads-up display. For interactive game play and more entertainment you are accompanied by friendly troops who help you complete the mission. For more entertainment, you can also utilize the multi-player option for playing online with your friends, the game revolves around two teams on a specific mission. The games multiplayer focuses on socialization and customization. Black Ops retains the experience points and unlockable reward systems to encourage you to play more efficiently. You can also make purchases of weapons, clothes and accessories with a currency system that has been implemented in the game.

Play Alone Or With Friends

Call Of Duty: Black Ops allows you to enjoy the game in single mode and multiplayer option. A zombie co-operation mode has been included in the game. It is a four player online and two players split screen mode and you can fight zombies in various levels. Call of duty has been known as one of the best game worldwide, which has been constantly entertaining all the hardcore gamers because of its challenging series. Get home today Call Of Duty: Black Ops by placing you order online to get the best price on Junglee. Get hold of the latest games and gaming accessories with customer reviews and star ratings to make an informed choice. Simply go Junglee to compare prices offered by many sellers.

Product Details
Manufacturer Activision Inc.
Platform Xbox

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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Took the legendary First Person Shooter to a whole new dimension! 1 December, 2013 On
    Call of Duty Black Ops is an extremely engrossing, highly interactive and one of the best FPS games on the Xbox 360.

    The storyline is vibrant and fast paced. The game never feels dull. You can relate to the depressing and desperate conditions that you have no control beyond the enemy lines.

    I loved playing the Zombies multiplayer mode. After all you don't see John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, Nixon & McNamara fighting together for a common cause!

    It would have been better if they removed the irritating split-screen mode but I guess that is technically difficult especially in an FPS game as extensive as COD Black Ops.

    Must buy if you like FPS games.
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  2.  Great Multiplayer! 1 October, 2013 On
    This game will suck you in for hours at a time. Saddle up with some mountain dew and doritos and spend your capturing the flag!
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