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Calvin Klein Eternity EDT for Men, 100ml
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Calvin Klein Eternity EDT for Men, 100ml

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Overview: Calvin Klein Eternity Edt For Men

Perfume is said to define a man in more than one ways. Therefore, wearing the right scent is very important for a man. Kelvin Klein has brought to you the ultimate range of Eau-De-Toilette for men. This can well be a gift from you to your special man or from a son to his father. You now stand a chance to feel fresh and get complements for the fragrance you leave behind. You can get this range of EDT from the house of Kelvin Klein from the comfort of your house as well. You can shop online Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein and smell the best.

Product Description

Pioneered in the year 1989, the Eternity for men has become the most favourite fragrance for men all over the world. Available in 100 ml elegant clear glass spray bottle, this range of perfume is sure to add a sophisticated aroma all around you. This perfume is ideally made for day time usage. However, you can always wear it to a cool evening outing as well. This range of perfume is ideal for wearing at workplaces and casual parties as well. To reflect the essence of this cool fragrance, you can team it up with modish outfits of your choice. The eternity range of perfume features sensational blend of Top Notes of mandarin, green botanic and lavender; Middle Notes of geranium, sage, basil, jasmine and sandalwood; and Base Notes of vetiver, amber and rosewood. This EDT guarantees long lasting fragrance. To get the best result, it is advised to apply just after a bath. With hints of woodsy scents, it leaves a warm and alluring aroma around you.

Tips for Using Eau-De-Toilette

Wearing perfume is definitely a style statement, but till you can keep it right. Over or under spraying, the perfume can spoil the effect. Thus, there are certain precautions to be kept in mind while applying perfume. It is very important to apply the EDT in appropriate measure. It is recommended that you stick to two sprays as it is enough for its presence to be felt without overpowering it. You should always spray the EDT from a distance so that it does not get concentrated only in one area of the skin. Try applying it in places where the perfume can get trapped in between your skin and clothes for a long lasting effect. It is also very important to know when to wear your perfume and when not to. It is advisable to avoid wearing perfume in swimming pool, beaches or aeroplanes. It is also important to wear the right perfume for work and in proper amount. Do not spray EDT on your clothes. They stand a chance to ruin the fabric of the clothes. Do not try to mask foul smells with EDT. It will not only give away the secret but will react more dangerously with the smell and produce foul smell.

Key Highlights

100 ml elegantly crafted clear glass spray bottle

Sophisticated long lasting fragrance

Suitable for wearing at day time both formal and informal occasions

Available in a sensational range of top notes, middle notes and base notes scents

Apply after bath for best results

Direction to Use

To know the correct way to apply EDT is very important. So, before applying perfume, wash your skin properly and apply lotion since the scent lasts longer on clean moist skin. It is best to apply perfume right after a bath. It is recommended to use the shower gel, soap or lotion that contains similar scents. Combination of different scents might produce a different kind of fragrance. Always spray EDT on your pulse points where your blood flows the strongest and the skin remains the warmest. Points behind your ear, inside your elbows, on your chest and behind your knees are the best points for dabbing EDT. There should be at least five to six inches distance while spraying the perfume. Though he common practise is to rub the perfume into your skin, it is advisable not to. Rubbing the perfume on the skin will crush the elements and will alter the balance of the scent. It is recommended to spray a little amount of perfume on your skin and let it dry naturally. This will help in retaining the original scent of the EDT.

So wait no longer and add a sophisticated collectable to your fragrances. The Eternity for Men is the most classic and prized product from the house of Calvin Klein. You can buy online Eternity for Men by Calvin Klein and be the most inviting and confident man amongst the crowd.  

Features: Calvin Klein Eternity Edt For Men

  • The warm, soft scents of the calvin klein eternity EDT will intoxicate your significant other and leave her craving for more
  • Boasting of timeless elegance, you will surely make this scintillating fragrance your signature scent
  • Fragrance Notes: The perfume starts out with a subtle hint of mandarin, lavender and green botanic, while geranium, jasmine, sage, basil and sandalwood form heart notes of this perfume, these ingredients beautifully settle on a warm base of rosewood, vetiver and amber
  • Directions: For daily wear, parties and special occasions.
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 96.4 grams
Product Dimensions 7.3 cm x 4.8 cm x 4.8 cm

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