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The Beginner's Guide to Buying a DSLR

A digital SLR camera gives you a significantly higher degree of control over practically every element of the image. Having said that, several entry level DSLRs offer multiple scene modes like the ones that are characteristic of point-and-shoot cameras.

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From simple point and shoot cameras to high end film cameras, browse the range of cameras on Junglee India and buy cameras online at amazing prices.The different purposes that cameras are designed exclusively for can make it difficult to choose quickly. Let Junglee help you out with the host of search options to make online camera shopping as easy as possible. The Most Popular in Digital Cameras category shows you the digital cameras that everyone prefers to buy online. Pick the Right Camera For You is a section that allows you to search for cameras by type, with camera categories like point and shoot cameras, compact system cameras, Digital SLR cameras, and Digital SLR camera bundles. If you're not sure about where to find the camera or camera-related product that you want, use the Featured Categories section to browse by categories like camcorders, binoculars and telescopes, surveillance cameras, and spy cameras. You can also search by brand, and choose from brands like Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, and Samsung. Camera accessories are as important as the camera itself, so you can buy camera accessories online like camera cases and bags, lenses, flashes, storage drives, filters, tripods, and batteries. Finally, there is a section on the Junglee online camera store for photography enthusiasts, that includes products like photo printers, digital frames, photo frames, photo projectors, and photography books.

The price in India of cameras online can range from below ₹5000 for simple digital cameras, to over ₹20,000 for high end DSLR cameras. Research the pricing of cameras using the prices on Junglee, which are compiled from a huge number of online electronics sellers and online shopping sites in India. You can also buy cameras online after browsing by price range, a feature that is split into three sections based on whether you're looking for point and shoot cameras, DSLR cameras, or DSLR camera bundles. The Digital Cameras by Price option has also been included to help you stay within your budget. Junglee also has a unique compare camera prices online option that lets you figure out which online seller is offering a particular camera model for the best price. This brings up another worry, though. What if the online seller that has the best pricing isn’t trustworthy? Junglee’s thought of this, too! Just check the seller rating. These ratings are put up by customers, and they’re unbiased, so you know you’re getting the truth about whether to buy from that seller or not.

At Junglee, you can figure out whether you should really buy that particular camera or not by reading the detailed specifications and product descriptions that Junglee offers with each camera. Beyond this, you can read the customer reviews that other people who have bought the product have put up. These product reviews are the unbiased opinions of customers, and will give you an accurate idea of whether the camera will meet your needs or not. Never shop online without doing your research, and reviews of cameras online by people just like you are the best research that you can do.

When you buy cameras online at Junglee, you get the latest in photographing technology and access to the best online deals and offers from online sellers. Junglee makes sure that we constantly compile the best list of handpicked offers and discounts on cameras for you to make use of. Just a few clicks to browse, search, buy your camera, and save money while you're at it! What could be easier than that?

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