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     Great Delivery by HomeShop18 2 February, 2012 On Junglee.com
    I have been an Olympus shooter up until now. But now i am using Canon. It is more good then my old camera. I'm starting photography school in just a few weeks and had to have a camera with video. After reading review after review, I decided to go with this wonderful camera. I'm so glad I did! I never thought I could get the colors out of another camera like I could my Olympus, but the image quality is excellent. I'm a female and the camera fits my hands perfectly. Another rave is that the controls are so easy to find and adjust, BIG plus for me. It was basically down to three cameras for me, the Samsung, Nikon 7000 , and the T3i. After taking many test shots in the store and getting a feel for the camera, this one won me over. Homeshop18 delivery time is also excellent. Thanks o homoeshop18 for these types of awesome product
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     Amateur? Looking for a DSLR? Look no further. 4 February, 2012 On Junglee.com
    If you are an amateur photographer looking to upgrade to a DSLR, the Canon 550D is the product to have. Though it is an 18 MP beauty, you can very well set the pixel size to 10 MP or lower; it will save you a lot of space on the card, without compromising on the quality of pictures. The 18-55 IS kit lens is a general, all purpose piece of glass that suits most needs. However, if you wish to do some wildlife, which most amateurs set their sights at, it's better if you get yourself either the Canon 70-300 IS, or a third party lens, preferably the Tamron. The camera comes with a live view screen, but I prefer to compose my pictures through the optical viewfinder. All in all, a great piece of equipment to have, and most assuredly you will spend hours and hours fiddling with it, discovering a new trick each time you go out with it.
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  3.  The best for beginners / amature clickers and okay for Professionals 9 April, 2013 On Junglee.com
    This 550D is one of the best Canon has offered. It best suits Beginners than professionals. Perfect to handle, great balance and awesome auto focus as it acts very fast. 18MP provides excellent quality and it also helps further zooming digitally and cropping .

    The two things it lags when compared to its rival Nikon 5100 is that 5100 provides vibrant colors and its LCD display which is not flexible
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