Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge (Black)
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Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge (Black)

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Product Description

The Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge is specially designed for the Canon PIXMA E500 printer. Guaranteeing you sharp long lasting prints, the Canon Cartridge is compatible with both ink jet as well as your all-in-one printers.

Easy Compatibility

The Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge delivers high performance due to its compatibility with Canon printers. The Cartridge can also be used with your ink jet or your all-in-one printers.

High speed A complete time saving device, these Canon cartridges ensure hassle free work within a competitive time frame. Now you shall not lack behind in work or play because of bulk printing.

Sharp and Accurate

The complete compliance of the cartridge with the printers head, ensures crisp and long lasting prints. For accurate and smudge-free printing, the Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge is your best choice.

Black ink You are assured rich black sharp prints with this product which shall aid you to further your cause in the office. Now get best results, without worrying about your printing troubles.

Competitive Output

By using the Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge you can be assured to receive an average output of three hundred pages. This is undoubtedly a durable product, which shall win over your trust within seconds.

Easy to operate

One of the most worrying aspects of using a printer is its operating procedure and fitting of cartridges. A trustable brand like Canon brings to you a convenient solution to your printing problems. This Canon cartridge is extremely easy to use and meets your requirements every step of the way by fitting into the printer like a dream. You can buy the Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge online.

Print Technology

Formulated by using powerful and revolutionary technology, the cartridge is of the ink jet type. Hence making it easy to use and compatible with all ink jet printers.

Product Features

  • Black Cartridge

Editorial Reviews

From the Manufacturer

Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge

No Canon printer is complete without its most reliable companion- the Canon PG-740 Ink Cartridge. Easily identifiable by its genuine hologram, this cartridge is sure to help you climb the ladder of success. Capable of guaranteeing smooth and clean prints, this cartridge is nearly inimitable. It provides you with a crisp and long lasting print with every use, making sure that every print of yours is just as good as the previous one. You can use this Canon ink cartridge in both inkjet printers and your all-in-one, and it will give you a satisfactory result every single time.

Only Canon best compliments Canon. The sophisticated and cutting edge technology used in making the print heads as well as the cartridges provide a synchronisation that is unbeatable. Due to this perfect pairing of machine with cartridge, you are able to receive prints that are completely devoid of smudges. The harmony with which it works also guarantees a performance that requires minimum repair. It greatly diminishes the chances of the machinery clogging.

Whether it is work or play, the Canon PG-740 cartridge never fails to disappoint. It gives you good quality as and when you need it making sure that you are never left in need of a printout. The distinctly visible vibrant and precise prints are known to one and all as the product of Canon inks, giving you the edge over your contemporaries. Canon also provides speed and accuracy with its quality of printing, making sure that you have the correct prints in your hand right when you need them. All in all, if you own a Canon printer, or plan to own one soon, this is a must buy, giving your printer the perfect ammunition it needs to let you achieve that sense of perfection you have always wanted. Shop online for this PG-740 cartridge on Amazon and get it home delivered in just a couple of days.


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