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Canon PG-88 Fine Ink Cartridge (Black)

Canon PG-88 Fine Ink Cartridge (Black)

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Product Description

These days having a printer is almost as essential as having a computer as we need to print picture, documents, texts and other files for various presentations, workshops, school projects, displaying to other people or simply to put the soft copies into hard ones for proper storage and later viewing. And for every goo printer, you require a better cartridge in order to make sure that your documents and materials are printed correctly, without any errors and in the same way as they appear on the computer screen. The Canon PG-88 ink cartridge is the perfect companion for your E 500 and E 600 printers and coming from the reputed stable of Canon, it is a guaranteed product of quality and great feedbacks. The cartridge is easy to install and delivers great output on the papers which are put into the printer, making it one of the best products in this segment. Canon, with its years of experience in this industry and great results, guarantees the best product and the finest quality across printing inks.

High quality printing

The Canon PG-88 ink cartridge is a flagship product from the Canon family and is also one of the most used product segments in the printing market. The cartridge gives great results on the paper as the high quality inks print the exact replicas of the documents, worksheets and other text or graphic material on the paper as it is shown in the computer screen or any other device. The cartridge can be used anywhere, from homes to offices to schools or for large organizations, and is very easy to install and use. You can use it to take printout and direct photocopies of your valuable soft copy documents and then store them in files, folders or take then for presentations, exams and other places where hard copies are required. The great quality of prints makes it difficult to discern between the real and the unreal and hence is a great substitute for the original copies of documents or files which are present in soft copies. The high quality printing is a major factor which has enhanced the popularity of the Canon PG-88 ink cartridge and made it a household name in technology oriented houses.

Special resistant features

The Canon PG-88 ink cartridge features several great features like the smudge resistant and fade proof features which allow you to take print outs using the cartridge and then retain the print outs for a long time without the fears of the data getting smudged or faded over a period of time. The Canon PG-88 ink cartridge features special Chromalife ink, which provide the special smudge and fade proof features to the cartridge and is a great and novel technology to be used in printer cartridges. The easy installation of the Canon PG-88 ink cartridge is another factor which enables many people to easily change or use this cartridge in their printers and the cartridge does not even harm the internal working of the printer unlike the counterfeit ones which often degrade the quality of printing and the printer over prolonged usage.

Great life and output

A standard Canon PG-88 ink cartridge weighs around 250 grams and has a long life during which it can print up to 800 pages in the standard mode and using normal quantity of ink. The ink also stays for a long period of time even when the printer is not used often and does not go dry unlike many other printing ink cartridges. This makes the ink even more user friendly and a must have for all kinds of households.

So if you have an E 500 or E 600 printer, you should definitely lace it with the Canon PG-88 ink cartridge which would be a perfect companion for the printer. You can go to and shop for the same at very attractive and discounted prices.

Product Features

  • Page Yield : 800 Pages
  • Color Type : Black
  • Cartridge breathes life into every print, high-quality make and diligent performance
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 9.8 cm x 9 cm x 4.9 cm

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Overall Rating 4.4 out of 5 stars
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