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Capdase HR00-CA01 Universal Racer Car Mount Holder
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Capdase HR00-CA01 Universal Racer Car Mount Holder

Colour Black
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Product Description

Most of us who drive vehicles often get into the conundrum of handling our mobile phones while driving, especially when we need to refer to maps for navigation or directions. This is especially true for people who like going to different places and faraway places and often use the map functionality of their smartphones. Now you don't have to risk your lives by trying to manage looking at the navigation system by using your hands or risk getting a ticket from the cops for using a phone while driving. With the Capdase Universal racer car mount holder you can sit back and drive in a relaxed way while looking at the navigation system at the same time in a hands free manner and be completely sure that you are completely safe. This smart, sleek and convenient product is the ultimate solution for your phone related problems while driving.

Superior quality and great durability

The Capdase universal racer car mount holder is made of superior quality material which does not get easily corroded and besides being tough, is flexible too. It comes with a cushioned expandable holder with convenient arms wherein your mobile fits in perfectly and you can be relaxed that the mobile won't get affected by the edges or the material due to proper cushioning. The extra strength suction lock makes it easy to put on the dashboard or the windshield without the risk of it slipping while driving or with your phone in it. The holder is highly adaptable and fits in perfectly as it has been tested and tried many times and comes from the stable of a reputed company.

Compact, efficient and highly convenient

Coming from the stable of a company which specializes in making great quality and highly customized mobile covers, the Capdase universal racer car mount holder is a smart, sleek and easily customizable accessory with dimensions of 30 x 10 x 5 centimeters and weighing as light as 249 grams. The easy to hold and place holder is compatible with all major phones like the iPhone 4, 4S and other smartphones which you might have. With a 360 degree adjustable rotating angle and joint for optimal viewing angles and easily customizable looking way, the product allows you to set the phone screen directly in your line of sight. The extra strength suction lock allows you to place it at any point in the car easily and then change the neck and the angles by simply moving it with your hands. Also, you can place it in the portrait and landscape orientations for easily setting with your smartphone and customizing easily.

A variety of uses

You can easily mount your Capdase universal racer car mount holder on the front of your car and have a hands free access to your mobile phone. You can put your phone there and easily access the navigation features and follow them to reach your destination without having to use your hand to look at the screen again and again and getting distracted while driving. You can also use it every time you take out your car for easily holding your phone throughout the journey and taking a glance at the names whenever someone calls or messages so that you can stop and take it if it is important or call back later. You can also use it to listen to music by simply plugging in your headphones into it and then listening to music without having to take it out of your pocket frequently to change songs of change volumes.

Now you don't have to keep your phone in your pockets, dashboards, box or any other place which might distract you, as we all are habituated to seeing our phones whenever it rings, and you can simply put it in the holder, in front of your eyes. So to own this product visit at your earliest and get this awesome product for your car.

Product Features

  • Securely mount your mobile device on your car while you drive.
  • Cushioned expandable holder with exclusive secure locking mechanism
  • 360 ┬░adjustable rotating joint for optimal viewing angles
  • Extra strength suction lock
  • Flexible bending neck
  • Fit device width 55109 mm
Product Details
Manufacturer Uniconcept Asia Ltd
Brand Capdase
Model Number HR00-CA01
Colour Black
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 6 months warranty
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 30 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm

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Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Funtional and robust! 15 March, 2015 On
    This is probably the best car mount holder in the market currently! The suction never lets it come off the mirror and it never drops off. I have been using it since almost an year now and it has never let me down. Very flexible in functionality, the long arms acts like a shock absorber in bumpy roads! It can hold thin and wide phones and holds the phone horizontally also. Highly recommended!
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