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Capdase HR00-CN01 Car Cradle for Mobile Phone

Capdase HR00-CN01 Car Cradle for Mobile Phone

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Product Description

Product description

The Capdase Racer Car Mobile Holder For iPhone/SmartPhones lets you take calls whilst driving. You can use your smartphone as a navigational device by viewing maps as you drive. Simultaneously you can turn on the music player and listen to music pre-loaded on your smartphone. The tight and secure car mobile holder has adjustable arms to accommodate your comfort. It has a swivel to adjust the angle of your smartphone for an optimum viewing experience. This product does not just hold your smartphone, it can hold any type of handheld device, including a GPS device.

Excellent ergonomics

The suction lock of the device is extra long. You can detach your smartphone and replace it comfortably as many times as you want. The cushioned surface ensures that your smartphone is insulated against scratches and embellishments of any kind even when driving on the roughest of roads. The ball-head design of the device features an adjustable swivel. You can turn and twist the swivel to get your smartphone to an optimal viewing angle. In fact, the adjustable rotating joint can swivel up to 360 degree.

Complete with Amazing Features

The arm locking switch deters any accidental opening of the arm providing enhanced security for your smartphone. For easy cable management, there is a cable organizing clip. A 2A output features on the device for charging your smartphone. An LED power indicator lets you know if the device is the process of charging or not.

Gripped to perfection!

The rubber and sponge cushioning ensures that your smartphone is oblivious to any type of inertia. This mechanism ensures that your smartphone is tightly gripped. At the same time, the cushioning ensures that the smartphone is not scratched nor has marks. Given that the holder is expandable, you can keep your GPS navigator, iPod or any type of smartphone in the holder. The device is equipped with a secure locking mechanism that prevents accidental opening of the holder. There are a couple of folding mounts that prevent the smartphone from sliding down.

360 degrees swivel for great viewing angles

The swivel is a handy component of the Capdase Racer Car Mobile Holder For iPhone/SmartPhones. It lets you turn your smartphone or any device to the desired viewing angle. It means that not only the driver, but co-passengers can view the screen. You could be playing a movie on your smartphone and you want everyone in the car to watch it. Just adjust the swivel for an optimum viewing angle and ensure everyone watches the movie comfortably no matter where they are seated in the car.

The extra long suction lock in the suction mount ensures that the Capdase Racer Car Mobile Holder For iPhone/SmartPhones latches on firmly to the dashboard even if the smartphone is heavy.


This is a must-have device in your car or vehicle given the innumerable benefits of having your smartphone in the same field of vision as the road. It prevents loss of concentration whilst driving and also functions as an entertainment avenue. Buy the branded car mobile holder online.

Product features

Extra suction lock

360 degrees swivel

Adjustable cushioned arms

Can hold any smartphone

Product Features

  • Secure Locking Mechanism
  • Adjustable Swivel Ball-head Design for Optimal Viewing Angles
Product Details
Item Package Quantity 99

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  1.  Car Mobile Holder For iPhone/SmartPhones 25 April, 2013 On
    Its good to have a car mobile holder for smart phones now a days as it has become a trend to use such phones and its now a necessary rather than a comfort.

    And this mobile holder protects our phone in all different ways such that we need not worry about the damage of the phone.
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