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Car Reverse CCTV Camera with 3.5 LCD monitor

Car Reverse CCTV Camera with 3.5 LCD monitor

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Overview: Car Reverse CCTV Camera with 3.5 LCD monitor

A significant percentage of accidents involving cars take place while reversing the car. Most of the time, drivers back over a stationary object that is placed behind the car at a time when they were not looking. However, more grievous car back-up accidents often involve pets or children who inadvertently come in the way of a backing car and get injured. One of the easiest ways to prevent such accidents from taking place is by buying and installing a car reverse CCTV camera with an LCD monitor in your vehicle.

Studies have shown that a driver can reduce the chances of getting into a car back-up accident by more than 50% by installing a car reverse CCTV camera. If you too have decided to get one for your car, look no further than this Car Reverse CCTV Camera with 3.5 LCD monitor from Security System Store. It is rather easy to install this reverse camera system. All you will need is a screwdriver and you can follow the step by step installation instructions provided with the product to get this camera up and running in no time.

Product Description

This Car Reverse CCTV Camera with 3.5 LCD monitor is water proof and comes with special night vision feature. Once you install it in your car, you will get a clear image of what is directly behind your car on the LCD monitor. It is impossible to see what is exactly behind your car using the rear view mirror alone. In fact, this car reverse camera can be fitted in any SUV or MUV and even in sedans and commercial trucks. Drivers of emergency vehicles and recreational vehicles can also benefit from the installation of this reverse camera system.

This Car Reverse CCTV Camera comes with a 3.5 inch TFT LCD color monitor. The Infra Red CCTV camera that comes as a part of this system is waterproof and offers a 150 degree reverse image, something that is impossible to get using just the rearview mirror. You can see a sharp and clear image of whatever is behind your car on the high resolution color monitor. The LCD monitor with single video input comes with a U-Stand mounting bracket that you can choose to install on the dash board or the ceiling of your vehicle.

More about the CCTV Camera

The infra red CCTV camera is fully waterproof. Moreover, its 150 degree lens captures the complete view of the rear of the car and eliminates the need of any guessing while backing the vehicle. The camera comes equipped with 8 LED lights that provide a powerful night vision feature. Thus, you can get a clear picture of the rear of your car even if it is pitch dark outside. While installing this camera, you can choose the option of its activation only while reversing the vehicle or when the ignition is on.

The set contents of this car reverse camera system come with an exact camera-size hole cutter saw (drill bit) that you can use to fit the camera on or under the bumper of your vehicle. This eliminates the risk of scratching or denting your car in the process of installing this system. You can install this system yourself if you know your way around your vehicle or else hire a car electrician to do the job. Do not wait any longer. Buy this Car Reverse CCTV Camera with 3.5 LCD monitor online now and get it at the best price.

Product Features

Brand: Security System Store (SSS)

Manufacturer: Security System Store (SSS)

Infra Red Color CCD Camera with Night Vision

Waterproof Camera

Equipped with 8 LED lights.

3.5 inch TFT LCD color monitor with U-Stand mounting bracket

Set contents include all required connectors and cables (video cable, power cable)

Exact Camera Size Hole Cutter Saw (Drill Bit) included in the package

Installation manual included

Shop Car Reverse CCTV Camera with 3.5 LCD monitor online and avail the cash on delivery option provided by the brand.

Features: Car Reverse CCTV Camera with 3.5 LCD monitor

  • Color CCTV Camera with Night Vision
  • Color LCD MonitorĀ 3.5"
  • Power Cable
  • Video Cable
Product Details
Manufacturer SSS
Item Package Quantity 1

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