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Carrier Split AC 1T 5 Star KURVE SPLIT
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Carrier Split AC 1T 5 Star KURVE SPLIT

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Overview: Carrier Split AC 1T 5 Star KURVE SPLIT

Are you planning to install an air conditioner at home and are not sure about which to buy? If improved cooling technology and good performance are what you prioritize most, then the Carrier split AC KURVE is probably a good option for you. This 1 ton spilt AC has been rated 5 star by the Bureau of energy Efficiency (BEE. If you are planning to buy air conditioner online, you can check out the Carrier split AC review for this model and also compare its prices at to get the best deals. Stop worrying about the scorching months and assure yourself a cool and comfortable summer with this home appliance.

The Carrier split AC KURVE features Turbo mode which ensures maximum cooling.

This Carrier split air conditioner features a mode called 'Turbo Mode' and this helps cool down an excessively heated room immediately. In the turbo mode, the compressor fan of the air conditioner runs at its maximum speed to cool down the room quickly. In this mode, an area gets cooled 15% faster as compared to normal cooling mode.

This 5 star rated AC ensures sound sleep at night with the help of Sleep mode.

This Carrier AC features a mode called Sleep mode in which the air conditioner measures the condition of the room and then adjusts the temperature accordingly, on its own. Usually, the temperature increases at a certain pace every hour, ensuring a soothing atmosphere in the room. With this mode in your AC, you don't need to wake up frequently to adjust the temperature and thus, can enjoy a sound sleep throughout the night.

This 1 ton air conditioner features Auto Swing which ensures even cooling in your room.

While running in the Auto Swing mode, the air conditioner measures the temperature and humidity of the room and adjusts the setting automatically to reach the comfort level. In this mode, the cool air gets distributed throughout the room uniformly and ensures more effective cooling.

Features: Carrier Split AC 1T 5 Star KURVE SPLIT

  • Star Rating : 5 Stars
Product Details
Manufacturer Carrier
Brand Carrier
Model Number Kurve

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  1.  Wise decision . 11 April, 2014 On
    I purchased a Carrier 1.5t split AC .The performance is superb. It is silent while working. The power consumption is very low . The remote control is user friendly. Appearance is sleek. Copper tubes are additional warranty. . ROY
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