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Case Logic ALTB 1 - Litter Chute Case

Case Logic ALTB 1 - Litter Chute Case

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Overview: Case Logic ALTB 1 - Litter Chute Case

You take every possible care of your lovely car and take pride in it. How about moving a step further and making it more clean by putting all the litter in a logic case. We are offering an exclusive branded logic case that is best place for the litter storage inside your car. Easy to fasten behind the seat, it can be detached and emptied as per your own convenience. You might have faced situations when you have to stop to throw rappers outside your car. Or some people even keep litter at random places inside car, which makes your car look dirty and is not good for health also. With this ATB logic case, ensure that you save your time and also make your car look better every time you use a logic case like shown in this image.

The logic case is made up of good quality fabric and is easy to clean. There is ample space to store many 12 ounce cans inside. So, you need not worry for keeping used beverage bottles and cans. The large opening at the mouth of this logic case makes keeping large litters inside easier. The zipper removal at the back ensures that all the rubbish materials can be removed easily from the logic case. Another benefit of using this litter bag is that it saves valuable care space, as you can fasten it to the backside of the car seat. The dimensions of this product are - 9.25x3x1.75 inches.

Extreme utility value

Considering kids at your home, you can save them from catching old litter and then communicable diseases. The logic case can be opened periodically depending on the frequency of litter thrown inside it. One most important thing is that you cannot keep wet litter in it as it will spoil the car and litter logic case too. The risk of infections, dust, mites and foul smell can be put to an end by truly following the logic case ritual. The logic case can be cleaned as per the manual's guidelines.

When families go out for shopping and dining, there is more space required inside the car. The litter chute case keeps the things at place and clean by accumulating all rubbish at one place. So, your guests can feel that your car is cleaner as compared to a littered car, kids often play and throw candies, wrappers, flowers, etc, inside car. You can make them use this logic litter chute case, so that there will be less time spent by you in cleaning the car. The logic litter chute case also keeps the care appear more fresh and cleaner. It also saves the owner from spending too much time on cleaning the car from inside. All the litter can be thrown and car could be given a vacuum cleaning in a few minutes to make it ready.

Great product at great site

If you take all the right steps to make your car your very own comfort zone while travelling, reward it with this smart logic case. Available in the sophisticated style and colors on, many car users have become fan of this bag. This is a smart investment for safe journey inside the car. So, next time when you go out to travel in your own car, please have it logic case ready. Hurry up to odor the limited edition ATB Logic Litter Chute Case now!!

Features: Case Logic ALTB 1 - Litter Chute Case

  • Easy to empty design, simply unzip
  • Spacious enough for short road trips
  • takes up a minimum amount of space
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 13.3 cm x 3.3 cm x 9.2 cm

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