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Casio Pedometer SGW-200-1VDR (S057) Watch - For Men
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Casio Pedometer SGW-200-1VDR (S057) Watch - For Men

Brand Casio
Model Number SGW200-1VCF
Target Audience Men
Watch Movement Automatic
Watch Display digital
Band Material Resin
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Overview: Casio Pedometer SGW-200-1VDR (S057) Watch - For Men

SGW-200-1VDR (S057) Stopwatch Pedometer : A vibration sensor detects vibration when walking, which is used to count the number of steps taken. Water Resistant : 100 m Wearable around sinks, during swimming, poolside diving but not highboard diving and surfing. 12/24-hour format Accuracy : ±15 seconds per month Full auto-calendar : (to year 2099) Countdown timer Measuring unit: 1 second Input range: 1 minute to 100 hours (1-minute increments and 1-hour increments) Daily alarms 5 independent daily alarms Electro-luminescent backlight Afterglow Hourly time signal Personal information input : Stride Length (30 cm to 300 cm / 12 in to 118 in) Weight (20 kg to 120 kg / 44 lb to 264 lb) Age: 16 to 99 Gender Unit switching (for energy consumption, weight, stride length Recall mode - Workout data: Data stored for each stopwatch operation: total elapsed time, lap data (best lap), average lap time, total distance, total energy consumption, total number of steps, average pace - Monthly data: Monthly distance and energy consumption totals (for up to 16 months) - Cumulative data: Distance and energy consumption Regular timekeeping Hour, minute, second, pm, month, date, day Running measurements Distance, energy consumption, average pace, number of steps Target value input : Target type selection (Distance 1.0 km to 100.0 km / 0.6 mile to 62.1 mile: Energy consumption: 10 kcal to 23880 kcal / 50 kJ to 99950 kJ; Elapsed time: 10 minutes to 24 hours) and target value World Time 31 time zones (48 cities + coordinated universal time), city code display, daylight saving on/of Resin Band Size of case / total weight SGW-200 ...... 51.6 X 44.2 X 13.6 mm / 47 g

Features: Casio Pedometer SGW-200-1VDR (S057) Watch - For Men

  • EL Backlight
  • Pedometer
  • World Time
  • Distance Measurement
  • StopWatch
Product Details
Manufacturer CASIO
Brand Casio
Model Number SGW200-1VCF
Colour Blue
Target Audience Men
Watch Movement Automatic
Watch Display digital
Band Colour Black
Band Width 18 mm
Band Material Resin
Watch Dial Colour Natural
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty 1 Year
Dial Diameter 45 millimeters
Dial Thickness 14 millimeters
Technical Specification
Battery Cell Composition Lithium Ion
Batteries Included Yes
Batteries Required Yes
Power Source Battery Powered
Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions 4.4 cm x 5.2 cm x 1.4 cm

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     The Best watch available for Runners in the Market till date 24 July, 2014 On
    I was little restrained to write about this but I wanted the other customers to know about some of the fact about this watch so I am taking some time out to write about this.
    I have been using this watch and I am pretty much convinced that this watch is designed for runners.


    This watch has six modes, the timekeeping, stop watch, recall, alarms, world time and count down time mode.
    Timekeeping Mode: Keeps the time based on the time zone selected by you. Keep pressing the left upper button of the watch and time zones will keep flashing.
    You can use Mode button to navigate between different modes of the watch.
    Stop Watch Mode:
    This is the most important mode as this is what you would use in your running sessions.
    RECALL MODE: Keeps memory of our work outs and running sojourns.

    It is a simple count down timer.
    WORLD TIME ZONE MODE: Keeps world time and you can choose country codes to set the time zones.
    ALARM MODE: Five alarms are available.


    Lets talk about the most important feature of this watch first that is the pedometer function.First of all I couldn't find any difficulty to set up this watch , the set up is quite intuitive and you just need common sense to set up this watch. I didn't even use any manual to set this up may be I already use a G shock that must have been the reason for this but for all the perspective customers I would say that you can easily set this up with the help of provided manual.
    Once you set up your weight , stride length, target(kms and kcal), gender its all set to go , you just need to take 10 strides and the sensor comes in to motion in the stop watch mode. The best feature is the start/stop lap button on the bottom of the dial which you can use to start or stop your running time. Once you press it , your lap starts.
    You need to remember that you must wear this watch on the left wrist as this is recommended by the manufacturer. Don't be impatient if you don't see the step counter immediately as the sensor starts once you have taken scores of steps. Once you stop , the sensor starts and as you stop the sensor stops after few second, your exercise data is saved in the memory of the watch which you can visit in the recall mode.

    I measured my stride by walking 20 steps and then taking the average of it. That's the best method. I kind of verified its precision by calculating the distance by my car and I found out that this watch and my car's speedometer calculated the same distance so I can't doubt the pedometer function. Now once you have achieved your target the watch beeps out loud and that is I would call the most motivating sound of victory that you could hear. Now you can see the distance you ran, the calories you burned, the time you spent in running and also the steps taken. It also calculates the average pace of all the laps and there is also the best of all the laps that you have run.

    So this feature works pretty accurate and I would recommend this to all of the runners. I did lot of market research in India and believe me there is no alternative to this kind of utility in India.


    Now coming to the time keeping mode , you can only set up your target statistics like weight .gender,distance once your timekeeping mode zone is TYO(Tokyo). So once you receive the watch first set all your statistics and then change your time zone. The world time zone will only work correctly if you have set the right time zone in time keeping mode. So the time keeping mode displays the time perfectly and the best part is the large display which is very clear even in the bright sun light. This watch has kept display even better then the g shock in terms of visibility so old age people who might have issues in reading also get this watch. It displays the time and the Calendar. you can set 24 hours format or 12 hours format. It only displays the symbol for PM and not for AM. The watch shows a demarcation band between time and calendar.


    The watch also has percentage display over the top arch of the dial where in you can see how much of your target has been achieved in terms of percentage and this is awesome , I love this feature as you can see how long in terms of percentage you have run. When you reach 100 percent , the watch beeps and you know that you have achieved the target.
    Stop watch function works very well and it can also store one month of your workout in memory. You can go tor recall mode and can have a look at your RUNS where in all the necessary details like calories, distance, average pace, steps are also available. You can also delete this from memory easily.
    World time zone is amazing, you can choose from 51 countries through out the world. The watch displays both the local time and world time together in this mode so that you can keep track of both of them.


    Now I would talk about what is not so good in this watch. The alarms don't have snooze functions. I like the back light of this watch which actually lit up the letters in the watch not the background. The back light could have lasted for 10 seconds , it would have been the best.
    The most disappointing component of the this watch is the strap which is actually a non sense. The strap keep falling up and does not get tucked in to the loop, you might feel irritated by this. Casio would have thought about the strap and I don't understand why such bad design of the strap has been incorporated here.
    I am so disappointed by the strap of this watch and I will definitely look for the replacement if available.
    Another thing is the fact that this is designed for runners and I am not sure how this would help the walkers. Even in the manual it has been written that the pedometer will function only when you run. So people who are looking out for walking options should refrain from buying this.

    Not meant for work outs however you can still use the stop watch function which I think is not of much help in work out sessions, even a simple watch can do that or you.


    This is a great watch for runners and a must have, it is accurate , precise and much better that lots of GPS watches. The pedometer function is perfect when you run, the results are great and you feel motivated for running. If you can do with the poor strap that is only the minor flaw in this watch and that's why I have taken out the one start, it is the best. And I believe that looking at the utility and the functions of the watch the strap is nothing to be concerned of.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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