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Castle - Season 4

Castle - Season 4

Language English
Format DVD
DVD Regions Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, including Egypt
Actor(s) Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Molly C. Quinn
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Product Description

Castle is an American crime-drama TV series, created by Andrew W Marlowe, starring Stana Katic as Detective Kate Beckett and Nathan Fillion as best-selling mystery novel writer Richard Castle. The Castle series starts with Richard Castle being approached by the NYPD because of a copy-cat killer who is recreating murder scenes from his published novels. Castle, in his best-selling mystery novel series, has recently killed off the lead character Derrick Storm and is looking for a new, inspiring character, because of which he is going through a writer's block. During the investigation of this case he meets Kate Beckett, who intrigues Castle. He decides to create a new character, Nikki Heat, for his upcoming novel.

In Castle Season 4, the unconventional combination of crime fighters that is Castle and Beckett are back and their duo is stronger than ever. The writer and cop team is ready to unveil all the mysteries of unusual and unexplainable crimes in the city. This season is full of suspense because Castle is trying to find the one who shot Beckett in the finale episode of Castle Season 3.

In the first episode of Castle - Season 4, watch Kate fighting for her life. Later, in the subsequent episode they investigate the murder of an ex-con man, suspecting a superhero behind the murder. There is an episode where the duo solves a murder case without the existence of a body and in another episode they also come across a case in which the murder weapon is that of Ryan, their friend and fellow cop. This season has it all, from paranormal activity, bank robbery and the murder of a Casino owner, to a homicide that occurred 65 years ago. Castle Season 4 has some unique themes like that of murders involving fairy tales and a whole episode based on the Linchpin theory, which they must crack to save America from certain disaster.

Along with the cases and investigation, the parallel story of Richard Castle's life is adds an emotional dimension to the overarching plot. Alexis, Castle's daughter, is growing up into a beautiful young women and wants to move away for college. Castle struggles with letting his daughter go. The chemistry between Castle and Beckett is always a complicating factor. Find out what happens between the two in this Castle - Season 4 DVD pack.

The Castle series was awarded The People's Choice Awards in 2013 and 2014 for Favourite TV Crime Drama, Favourite TV Drama Actor and Favourite TV Drama Actress (only in 2014). This A rated DVD pack contains 6 discs and was released in 2014 by Disney Studios. It has an overall run time of 985 minutes.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date June 2, 2014
Format DVD
DVD Regions Japan, Europe, South Africa, and the Middle East, including Egypt
Genre Drama
Censor Rating A (Adults Only)
Actor(s) Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Molly C. Quinn
Director(s) Andrew W.Marlowe
No of Discs 6
Runtime 985 minutes
Studio Disney

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Overall Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars
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  1.  Must Have for Castle Fans 11 June, 2014 On
    Our favorite crime-solving duo return to Season 4 with even more mysteries, laughs, fun and more romance. This season both Castle and Beckett have a lot to hide – Castle’s feelings towards Kate and Kate’s lie that she did not hear Castle’s proclamation of love. Season 4 ends with one of the standout episodes of the entire show – the episode aptly titled ‘Always’. This DVD is certainly a must have for Castle fans!
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