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Catwalk Women's Moccasins, Black
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Catwalk Women's Moccasins, Black

Brand Catwalk
Colour Black
Material Synthetic Leather
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Overview: Catwalk Black Women's Shoes

Moccasins are a great pair of shoes that are a proper mix of style and comfort. When it comes to corporate dressing for women, a pair of comfortable shoes becomes an indispensable thing. Besides making women look elegant and sophisticated it also complies with the norms of professional dressing, which entails proper compliance. In this regard, a pair of black moccasins can help you a great deal to build an impactful profile and create a favourable impression on your onlookers. The correct shoes are an oddly crucial part of the puzzle, determining whether or not you look the part: the suave and debonair metro woman that you are and by the manner in which they mould with the rest of your attire. Sport the avatar of a classy, independent woman who knows how to put up a grand show with her unmatchable confidence and what better way to flaunt your inner charisma than by matching your professional outfit with proper shoes that speaks of your individual style.

A wardrobe is always deficient without a decent pair of shoes. Not to mention that a bad pairing with certain attire can be nothing short of a disaster. For the urban woman, footwear speaks louder than words when it comes to social stature and even more when it is dressing for a purpose. The right pair of shoes would be the ones that have the capability to complement almost any outfit that you choose to put on. Great footwear is usually one that spells 'chic' and 'sophisticated' at the same time and always lends you that extra edge of impeccable fashion sense. But with these black moccasins from Catwalk you also get comfort as the synthetic outsole is created to provide superior flexibility and supple functioning, while the inner lining is designed so that the feet do not scream out loud in discomfort and rest snugly enough. The sole is quite sturdy and is designed to provide proper traction so that you stay on your feet comfortable in these shoes. These black moccasins can be your answer to the fashion police of the town, combining sheer elegance with that classic touch of sobriety. Formal footwear doesn't get any better than this, as this pair drives home the point of sheer class mixed with the much needed 'cool' quotient. Blending fabulous fashion sense with splendid quality, this pair of shoes is something any lady would love to have in her collection.

Product Details
Brand Catwalk
Colour Black
Target Audience Women
Material Synthetic Leather

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