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Celestron 71018 20x80 Skymaster Binocular (Black)
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Celestron 71018 20x80 Skymaster Binocular (Black)

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Product Description

There are places we cannot reach and we are always keen to find out what is in there. In such situations, the only solution is a binocular with powerful magnification that can draw the image of the far off places closer and lets you see the unseen. Such a powerful binocular is the 'Celestron 71018 20x80 Skymaster Binocular'. It zooms in the views across the fields delivering ultra-sharp images. The binocular is of high utility and can be used to view both terrestrial and celestial objects. It also has a body that is strong and sturdy, yet easy to carry.

Technical Specifications

The binocular has a Porro prism system that provides clear images of the objects. It can easily zoom in objects across a field or miles above in the sky because of its 20x magnification. The binocular is also able to produce clear, bright images even in low-light and low-range conditions because of its giant 80 mm objective lens. There are also multi-coated optics for clear and sharp views of the far-off places. It also features a long eye relief characteristic that is ideal for those who wear glasses. The binocular has an angular view of 3.7°, exit pupil of 4 mm for a clearer image produced by the eyepiece and an eye relief of 18 mm, which is the distance of the user's eyes from the last surface of the binocular's eyepiece. There is a close focus of 33 m, which means that the nearest distance you can focus with the binocular is 33 m. The binocular has a twilight factor of 40, which is efficient for producing a sharp, crisp and detailed image even in low-light conditions. The relative brightness of the binocular is 16, and it does manage to produce images with the best brightness. You can even use it in the rain without bothering about getting it affected by the rain because the binocular is water resistant.

Physical Attributes

The binocular has a stylish look with modern design. It has a fine grip that is smooth and comfortable. It is a user-friendly binocular that is easy to operate. It also has a lightweight body that weighs just a mere 2126 g. The binocular has large center focus knobs so that you can easily focus the images. It also has an integrated tripod adapter, so that you can fix a tripod to the binocular for ultra-stability. So, enjoy viewing images on mountains or far above in the sky both in daylight and night time. You can order online for this binocular and get it delivered at your doorstep.

Product Features

Zooms in the views across the fields and delivers ultra-sharp images

High-utility binocular for both terrestrial and astronomical viewing

Porro prism system that provides clear images of the objects

Giant 80 mm objective lens for clear, bright images even in low-light and low-range conditions

Nearest distance of 33 m that the binocular can focus

Twilight factor of 40, which is efficient for producing a sharp, crisp and detailed image even in low-light conditions

Relative brightness of the binocular is 16

Product Features

  • 20x magnification, multi-coated optics for a clear view
  • Water-resistant body, high-quality bak-4 prisms
  • 33m close focusing distance
  • Protective rubber covering for ultra-firm grip
  • 80mm front objective lenses, 2126g weight
  • 55.78m linear field of view at 1000m
Product Details
Manufacturer Celestron
Brand Celestron
Model Number 71018
Item Package Quantity 1
Warranty Lifetime
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 4.1 kg
Product Dimensions 30.5 cm x 17.8 cm x 40.6 cm

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Overall Rating 4.3 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Good alternative for entry level telescopes. 10 October, 2013 On
    Since I have been always been fascinated by the heavens up above and the view of stars in the clear night sky, I had been contemplating to buy a telescope for myself since long. I kept differing my decision to buy the telescope since I started living in Delhi NCR away from my small town home in UP. The skies over Delhi are polluted by both ambient light and dust + fumes which hardly gives you a view of the skies to die for. And in such a situation owning a telescope is futile.

    But finally I gave in to the temptation and decided to make a purchase since I could find my reasons (valid ones) to justify the money spent. No I opted against buying a telescope and went ahead for Binoculars instead.

    Over a month ago I bought myself Celestron Skymaster 20X80 after days of researching, reading reviews and comparing prices.

    A. Why I bought a binocular instead of a telescope?
    Because - It was going to be my first telescope purchase and I wanted to buy something good, but at the same time I knew a good decent quality telescope will be expensive and heavy in weight, moreover I would not be able to use it in Delhi NCR. So buying a light entry level telescope was the only option - since whatever I buy has to be portable enough to carry it for using outdoors when I’m visiting hills or back home to get a clear view of skies.
    I choose binoculars over entry level telescope since it gives an actual 3D view and not 2D upside down view that of a telescope. And binoculars would not be large enough to carry and are easy to use for both terrestrial (daytime) and Night sky viewing.

    B Why I choose Celestron Skymaster 20X80
    Because - It has a huge 80 mm aperture – which is as good or more than an entry level refractor telescope.
    The more the aperture – the more light enters your scope or binoculars and subsequently help you see fainter objects. Magnification of 20X though may appear less when compared with telescopes offering 45 or 90X magnification with the same or lesser aperture (70mm). But at higher magnifications images tend to be distorted since and are difficult to hold with such entry level scopes. Therefore I choose Celestron 20X80 for following reasons – Affordable, big aperture (80mm), good quality optics, good maneuverability, easy to use, perfect for terrestrial viewing as well. Celestron Skymaster 15X70 could also be a good alternative but I choose this one with some extra aperture since I got a good deal.

    My experience with Celestron Skymaster 20X80

    It is not like any ordinary binoculars and they are HEAVY. Impossible to get a decent view of skies when handholding since they weight more than 2.5 kilos! So be prepared to buy a solid tripod (20x80 has a built-in tripod mount)
    I found a good quality tripod for around 3 k online. Once on tripod it gives you crisp and clear view of lunar landscape, Venus, Mars and faint view of Jupiter rings from Delhi itself! Waiting for my trip to Nanital for more spectaculars views and use it to its full potential! Overall it’s a Good quality Binoculars for anyone thinking of venturing into fascinating world astronomy. This could be a worthy alternative over some cheap telescopes and will be useful for you even if you later decide to graduate to a better bigger telescope!
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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