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Celltone Pointed Knife No:9

Celltone Pointed Knife No:9

Brand Celltone
Model Number Pointed Knife No:9
Colour Black
Material Stainless Steel
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Overview: Celltone Pointed Knife No:9

Celltone Pointed Knife No.9:

Celltone brings to you an extremely essential kitchen appliance which may not matter if not good in quantity but it definitely should be good in quality. It is a kitchen knife. Modern-day knives follow either a fixed-blade or a folding construction style, with blade patterns and styles as varied as their makers and countries of origin. The utility of the knife differs from person to person depending on its usage and comfort.

About the Brand:

Celltone is an Indian company that engages itself with the manufacturing of home appliances, mainly those related to kitchen-ware. Ranging from a knife to a stove, Celltone ensures to deliver its best. The company mainly excels in its production in kitchen knives and gas lighter, both being primary and most essential to daily needs. Established in 1993, the company has become highly popular across the country.

About the Product :

Celltone Pointed Knife No.9 is designed to be extra thick to ensure better grip as per ergonometric studies. The handle is designed to give a bulge in the centre with dips at the start and end points. This thus ensures extreme comfort on holding the equipment and hence preventing any accidents while cutting too. The knife features a blade that is made of stainless steel, hence making it rust-free and long lasting. The product sports perfect ground blades to allow smooth, hassle-free and easy performance. The Celltone Pointed Knife No.9 has a broader blade that tappers towards the top. The broad blade helps in cutting big fruits and vegetables with ease. The blade is made to match excellent performance and give acute sharpness thus reducing the time spent over cutting.

Other features:

The Celltone Pointed Knife No.9 come in a dual color. The combination of dark red and black make it appear fashionable and trendy and conventional. The dark colors avoid it from catching stain over it. The handle of the knife is made of Polypropylene which is non toxic in nature and hence ensures high hygiene standards. The material is not a smooth surface and hence avoids slipperiness. The handle, due to its well designed form and choice of material, sits perfectly in the hand. The knife can be easily washed off and the material of the handle dries off within seconds.

The celltone knives come in variety of designs that meet the requirements of the user. The Celltone Pointed Knife No.9 is indeed a pick for those looking for some ease in the daily chore of chopping vegetables and fruits. You can now get your new kitchen essential appliance from easily. brings this product to you at a very exclusive rate. It would only be logical to act fast and act now! Make sure you read all the necessary details including the terms and conditions before bagging this product for good. Offers valid till stocks last! Happy Shopping!

Features: Celltone Pointed Knife No:9

  • Extra thick, tempered Stainless Steel blade for longer life.
  • Perfectly ground blades for unmatched performance.
  • Non-toxic Polypropylene hygienic handle.
  • Price quoted for 1pc only.
Product Details
Manufacturer Celltone
Brand Celltone
Model Number Pointed Knife No:9
Colour Black
Material Stainless Steel

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