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Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener Styling Girls Women Straightner Variable Temp

Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener Styling Girls Women Straightner Variable Temp

Target Gender Female
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Product Description

After diamonds, it's the hair straightener that can be called a woman's best friend and of course a man's too. If you are tired with your fussy hair, the Nova ceramic hair straightener is here to your rescue. Get a glamorous look by styling your hair with this straightener before any party and be the center of attraction for your loved ones. You can shop online Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener from any corner of the world and have a flawless cascade of beauty.

Product Description

This hair straightener from the house of Nova can be used at home as well as at salons. The straightener comes with two ceramic plates which allow even distribution of heat for perfect, smooth and shiny hair. The thermostatically controlled dial makes the straightener appropriate for all types of hair, vis-à-vis, naturally curly, thick, fine, primped or coloured hair. The ceramic plates heat up in just 3-4 minutes thus saving your time if in a hurry. The ceramic plates come with a professional coating that protects the hair from damage. The ceramic plates easily slide through the hair straightening it in minutes. This straightener comes with adjustable temperatures to suffice your needs. It also features thermostatically on/off mode that automatically switches off when the heat reaches the requirement and switches on when the temperature drops below the requirement. This requires a power supply of 40 watt and a voltage of 220-240V. It produces a frequency of 50-60Hz. The heat can be adjusted to 140 degree centigrade, 160 degree centigrade, 180 degree centigrade and 200 degree centigrade. The straightener is of intense black colour adding a fashionable edge to the product. The slim structure of the straightener makes it perfectly portable. It will easily fit into any small luggage or even your handbag thus accessible at any time.

Key Features

Sleek and trendy outlook

Ceramic coated plates for even distribution of heat

Thermostatically control dial and on/off mode

Appropriate for all types of hair

Designed for professional use

Precaution to Use

It is very important to condition your hair properly before using the straightener. Make sure to completely dry your hair before you start ironing. Spray a heat protector serum before straightening. Usage of hairspray before ironing is a strict no-no. Do not straighten each section of your hair for more than 20 seconds. Before shifting to the next section, let your hair to cool down completely. Do not stop or hold the iron in between any part of the hair. Prolonged heat will result in hair burn. To prevent split ends, avoid running your hair straightener up and down the section. To prevent your hair getting dry, avoid using the straightener every day. Remember to regularly moisture and condition your hair to keep it healthy and smooth.


The iron will require some maintenance for proper functioning. Otherwise the build up of chemicals and dust will result in poor functioning of the iron and damaging of the hair. Firstly, you need to unplug the iron and when it is still warm, moisten a soft cloth and wipe the plates. Try to remove as much as build ups as possible. Be careful not to burn your fingers as the heat will penetrate quickly through the wet cloth. To remove excessive residues, spray some iron cleaner on the surface and wipe it clean with soft lint free cloth. If the cleaner is unavailable, then you can use rubbing alcohol. Moisten a soft cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the surface thoroughly. After it is done, moisten a cloth with water and remove the residues by wiping it properly. Repeat this process if necessary to properly clean the iron from build-up residues. Be careful to dry the straightener properly before plugging it on again.

Additional Tips

There are certain things to keep in mind for better functioning and longevity of the straightener. It is very important to check the compatibility of the cleaner before applying it on the straightener. Regularly after use, wipe the iron plates with a moist cloth so that the oil and other residues are removed. If the iron is clean, it will glide through the hair. Do not submerge the iron in water as it can cause permanent damage. Do not get worried if there is a minor odour or smoking when it is switched on. It is caused if any residue is left on the iron after cleaning and it will dissipate after a few minutes. Use an oven mitt to protect your hand from being burnt while cleaning the iron when still hot. Following these tips will surely enhance the experience of enjoying this styling apparatus.

This straightener is a must have for all the women to look the glamorous in a party. You can buy online Nova Ceramic Hair Straightener from any corner of the world and be ready in minutes.           

Product Details
Manufacturer Part Number straightner
Target Gender Female
Item Package Quantity 1

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