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Certificate Physical and Human Geography

Certificate Physical and Human Geography

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Publisher Oxford
This book is a textbook approach that aims at providing an understanding of our planet's physical topography, climatic and vegetative environment, and the relationship that human beings share across regions. The Physical Geography section deals with topics that span the planet's various topographies like the Earth's Crust, Weathering, Mass Movement and Groundwater; Landforms of Glaciation, The Ocean, Lakes, Coastal Landforms, etc. Each chapter has a questions section to help readers evaluate their understanding of the subject explained in that chapter. Various illustrations and photographs enhance the text, to enable all students to easily understand the concepts. Part two of the book, The Weather, Climate and Vegetation section, covers subjects like different climates and climatic zones like Equatorial, Savanna, Tropical or Arctic climates. Table Of Contents PART I PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY 1. The Earth and the Universe 1 Exploring the Universe 2. The Earth's Crust 3. Vulcanism and Earthquak ... See more
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  1.  One of the must read excellent book for competitive exam. 19 March, 2014 On
    As I am preparing for the competitive exam. I am referring this book. This is excellent book with well illustrated diagram and explanation. I love this book very much . Each chapter is followed by excellent explanation.
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