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Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer (100ml)

Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer (100ml)

Target Gender Female
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Overview: Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer

Tired of the dry skin which makes you look dull? Use the Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer. This moisturizer will protect your skin and make it soft and smooth. Get it at a very reasonable price and be ready for a skin that reflects your beauty.

The Chambor Hydra moisturizer helps to protect your skin from dryness and the harmful rays of the sun. When you apply the moisturizer, the compounds in it start acting immediately on the dry skin and help keep it hydrated all day long. The moisture retaining capacity helps the skin to boost the lightness and also strengthens it. This lotion can be applied on any skin type from dry to oily. It boosts the natural elements of the skin to give you a glowing and youthful look. Once applied, it is able to protect your skin all throughout the day. The lotion is very light and is very easy to apply. Just use it before you get out and you are ready for a day out in the sun. The lotion, when applied on the skin gets absorbed very easily. It keeps the skin moistened yet not greasy. Most moisturizers available in the market today claim to deliver a lot of things but ultimately fail the users' expectations as the desired results are not obtained but the Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer is unlike any other. It is the perfect companion for your skin and does not cause any kind of skin allergies or irritations.

The Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer can also be used on acne prone skin. It greatly helps the skin to retain water and washes away the dead skin layer which is responsible for dull looks. It is able to give you a light yet refreshing look which makes your skin glow. In winters, the skin tends to lose moisture even rapidly. Using the Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer can help prevent this greatly. It is the perfect easy to apply skin protection that will give you the desired results. The Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer flaunts a light floral smell. It is also very helpful in preventing skin darkening when you are exposed to direct sunlight as it does not fade away very easily.

The Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer comes in a blue and white bottle which is of 100 ml. The nozzle of the bottle is big enough to let you use the perfect amount of the lotion. This avoids wastage. Get the Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer to get the perfect protection from dryness. You can locate this product on at a very reasonable price. Do not forget to review this product and recommend it to your friends!

Features: Chambor Hydra Essential Day Moisturizer

  • 100ML
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Manufacturer Chambor
Brand Chambor
Target Gender Female

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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  good moisturiser for oily skin! 11 February, 2014 On
    I was browsing at the Chambor counter in shivajinagar Shopperstop hunting for the Nocturnal Blue eyeshadow trio from Chambor when the SA started discussing about my skin routine and showed me this moisturizer....along with Hydra softener for normal to oily skin.....

    i liked its finish and so she gave me two sample bottles to try the products for a week and buy only when i'm satisfied...

    i came back with the samples and its been a week or more ...I've run out of the mini bottles now and intend to buy the full bottles of both the softener and the moisturizer!

    This is the first moisturizer that has not broken me out since i have a very sensitive acne prone skin and all i ever used on my face was a Deriva - C just to keep pimples at bay!.....

    but this is a great product....its basically a gel based moisturizer that when spread and rubbed on the skin disappears in a flash once you rub it one or twice and keeps skin moistened yet not greasy or anything......its just so has a very faint classy smell to it which wears off moments after you've finished applying it......

    the SA asked me to wash my face ..apply the softener first and then the moisturizer....

    The softener i guess is like a toner ...only a mild toner and just softens the skin...i like it too and always use it before applying this product...since in winters my cheek area tends to get quite dry and kind of flaky i like this softener quite a lot as it softens the dry areas and allows for penetration of the moisturizer within.

    i recommend both these products for those with oily acne prone skin as well as for those with combination skin with drier skin in winters and oily T zone in both summers and winters.....

    Priced at around 675 rs for both bottles......not a very budget friendly pick but not a high end one either......... but i guess its worth it.......
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