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Chameleon: The Awakening: Volume 1 (The Forest People)

Chameleon: The Awakening: Volume 1 (The Forest People)

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Language English
Contributor(s) Maggie Faire
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Chameleon: The Awakening: Volume 1

No identity. That's what it's like to be a human chameleon, and sixteen-year-old Camryn Painter wonders if she'll ever figure out who the real Camryn is?or should be. Just looking at someone else will cause her body to change into that person. Her parents called it her gift. She calls it her curse. Then Ohar, a man with impossibly good looks and an ethereal manner offers her a way to claim her birthright by joining the Mazikeen as part of the Forest People. He says she is "the chosen" of the Forest People. The prophecy indicates her powers are beyond any others and she will save their world. Camryn had always loved the Redwoods at her back door. The stories her mother spun of its inhabitants kept her entertained for much of her childhood. The problem is the stories are real. The forest people are real, human yet not human. They are faery and beasts, evil and angels, mutations of humans and animals over thousands of years. Then there's Dagger, a young man who distrusts the Mazikeen and Ohar, but admits to being a thief and only interested in his own pleasure. All of them want the Chameleon for their own agenda. With the help of Ohar and Dagger, Camryn learns to control her identity so that she can walk among more than one world. Yet the more Camryn learns, the more she suspects there are too many secrets ? dangerous secrets. There are no easy answers, and every decision she makes puts someone's life in danger.

Features: Chameleon: The Awakening: Volume 1

  • Windtree Press
Product Details
Language English
Publication Date May 23, 2013
Publisher Windtree Press
Contributor(s) Maggie Faire
Binding Paperback
Book Volume Volume 1
Page Count 288
ISBN 10 1940064015
ISBN 13 9781940064017
Dimensions and Weight
Product Weight 386 grams
Product Dimensions 15.2 cm x 1.7 cm x 22.9 cm
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Overall Rating 4 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1. 3 of 3 people found this review helpful
     Well, nice and imaginative. 9 December, 2013 On
    I have finally completed this book! After reading 70%, it was circulated among 4 friends and now has finally arrived for the left 30%. Then I couldn't recall till where I've read and re-read it.

    Anyway, I got this book as a Giveaway from GoodReads: First Reads and was asked for an honest review:

    The first chapter just hooked me in!
    About the first chapter, the setting was so vivid and clear cut that I was imagining the scenes from Avatar, the award-winning movie. I was imagining it all in blue and indigo. But after some consecutive chapters, the magic and interest in the book started receding.

    The story revolves around Camryn who has a power to change into the person she lays her eyes upon. Sounds pretty cool, but not for her as with the gift comes a lot of pain while using it.
    Hiding "the gift" along with her parents, from her childhood to her teen years, she has no friends or family in spite of her parents and grew up living in her house near the Redwood Forest at the back of her house. All she wanted was to be normal and live life like a normal teenager but her fate tells her,"um..nay!"
    Her much lonesome world comes shattering down when she discovers that her parents are murdered, because of which she is sent to an asylum for exploiting kids with supernatural powers. Then she meets Ohar, Dagger, Sela, Koska, the Forest People and many others during the story. She comes to know that only she can save the Forest People from a dark force threatening to destroy them. Pulled from every side possible, the book tells the story of The Chameleon in making and her quest to find who she really is and whom to trust.

    What I liked about the book was the concept. It is about the Forest People consisting of many clans created & powered by the lichen.
    Another interesting thing was the concept of teleportation. The Forest People used the trees and lichen to travel the different dimensions, namely 8, or any other place.

    Then, I liked the concept of being a chameleon. Every time she changes into somebody, she doesn't have any control on it.

    I both liked and disliked her KINTALA period (puberty/maturation period in the Forest People) because of THE CONTENT. But on a second thought, it is inevitable because for them their posterity is what matters to carry on their clans. ( I know you don't know what I'm talking about, read the book).

    Then I also liked the unique bond of The Forest People with nature and their belief in other worlds/universes/dimensions no matter how backwards they are (an otherwise stereotype).


    There were innumerable printing and editing mistakes! This is one of the things I find very irritating in a book.
    Sometimes it makes you go all crazy as you go off-track because of it.
    Maybe, because it was a first-edition copy.

    The book was written well but it wasn't well-executed.
    It was like the book was on a fast-forward mode, though good for thrillers, but fantasy ones need a little stillness in some moments when required.

    Then I found the voice of narration a little weak but at some points the inner strength of Camryn is radiated.

    What I found confusing was the suspense being put in the first few chapters! I don't know whether the author did that on purpose for she had something mind blowing coming on cue or it was sheer carelessness. (I hope for the latter, though)

    Then, the names of different clans were all confusing. Their role and who they were was not described clearly. The author may have in the beginning or in the end added some kind of keyword box of clans and their pronunciation like other authors for the reader.

    This book would have reached 4 stars (according to me) but because of the above ^ it could not.

    Though, I will definitely recommend it to you for its unique concept and well, CHAPTER 1!
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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