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Brand CheckDeals
Metal Type Base Metal
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Wearing gold plated jewellery on special or regular occasions has become a trend. Women prefer wearing gold plated jewellery most of the time as it is easier to carry off as well as it saves you from the threat of getting robbed and with the changing trends and the rising incidents of chain snatching, it has become all the more necessary for women to switch from the traditional concept of wearing gold mangalsutras and rings to the gold plated ones. These gold plated mangalsutras are not only cheap, but they look exactly like the pure gold ones. So, even if you have to attend a family function or a party, you can wear this gold plated mangalsutra. This Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra is one of the best choices when you are planning to buy a gold plated mangalsutra, just perfect for daily use.

Material and Design

Designed with absolute perfection, this Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra is made using the finest quality base metal. With a unique design and a minute carving this gold plated mangalsutra has a small pendant attached to it. The stylishly designed pendant has a unique shape and two small black colored beads attached to it. The pendant is attached to the mangalsutra string which consists of gold plated chain along with small black colored beads in between. These black coloured beads are attached in between the gold plated chain in pairs of six. This gold plated mangalsutra is deliberately designed to add an ethnic touch to your overall look. Buy online Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra.

Product Features

This Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra is the best choice when you have to go out for a vacation or attend a special occasion. This gold plated mangalsutra is made using superior quality base metal. A unique feature of this Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra is that it has a sequence of black beads in between the golden plated chain which adds to the overall ethnic look of the managalsutra. The black beads in between are separated by a golden by bead into pairs of the three in the sequence of three black beads, one golden bead followed by three black beads again. This pattern is visible throughout the entire mangalsutra. Shop online Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra today and flaunt that chic ethnic look of yours!

At the end of this Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra, there is a hook attached to it. This gold plated hook ensures that you tie the mangalsutra properly and it does not fall off. Another prominent feature of this Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra is that it comes in a free size which can be worn by anyone. If you want this gold plated mangalsutra to look bigger, you can purchase a gold plated extension chain and tie it to the hook of the mangalsutra. This will make your mangalsutra look longer and at the same time equally attractive as it looked when it was shorter. Buy online Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra and get it delivered to your doorstep within a few days.

In the Box

A packed box contains one piece Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra. There is no user manual for this mangalsutra. Besides, you do not get a warranty along with this mangalsutra, yet this Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra is durable and lasts for a longer time if properly taken care of. Place an order and get this ethnic product today.

Maintenance & Longevity

Every product that you buy needs some kind of maintenance. Proper care is always necessary and recommended so that the product that you buy lasts longer. This Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra should not be washed with water. This might result in the color of the gold plated mangalsutra getting faded. You can clean the mangalsutra with a clean and dry piece of cloth so as to protect it from dust, dirt and grime.

Look mesmerizingly beautiful and chic by wearing this trendy and ethnic Rituals Gold Plated Mangalsutra. Order it today!

Product Details
Brand CheckDeals
Colour Name Gold
Metal Type Base Metal


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