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Chilli, Chicks & Heart Attacks

Chilli, Chicks & Heart Attacks

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Language English
Contributor(s) Sanjaya Senanayake
Binding Paperback
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Overview: Chilli

Are you a self proclaimed bibliophile? Are you one of those people, who appreciate the fragrance of the pages of a new book? Most importantly, are you planning to turn your weekend into a reading extravaganza? Then you can definitely try reading one of the funniest books around, Chilli, Chicks & Heart Attacks, which has been written by doctor-author Sanjaya Senanayake. It's hilarious, mad, exciting, exhilarating, romantic, action-packed and hearty. Welcome to the crazy world of Dr. Manju Mendis, the protagonist of the novel, who is a Sri Lankan doctor living in Australia. Those who judge a book by its cover, might make the grave mistake of dubbing this book as a 'diary of a hospital life'. This book is much more than that! This novel chronicles the zany and eccentric adventures of Doctor Manju Mendis in Australia. So, if you are planning to spend a quality weekend cuddling up in your couch with a book, then this novel can be your worthy companion. This edition of the book has been published by Westland on March 1, 2013. For those who want to buy books online, you can order your copy of this book from any online bookstore on Junglee.

The novel starts off with Manju Mendis, a medical student who passes the medical school exams with flying colours. He is chosen to take part in an internship programme at the much prestigious St. Ivanhoe Hospital. At this point, it seems like the book will go on to describe the day-to-day life of Mendis as an intern at the St. Ivanhoe Hospital. However, the novel doesn't go by these preconceived notions and narrates a wonderful and exciting story that is full of hilarious incidents, romping romance and emotional anecdotes. Manju starts dealing with the rigours of his tedious job that leaves him drained every day. However, amidst all this, he manages to get involved in a series of misadventures. He faces the mounting problem of priapism, a dreadful murder and an inauspicious encounter with a coarse swaggerer. Moreover, his personal life is on the verge of getting wrecked. His overbearing mother, who is plotting to set his son up with a rich Sri Lankan girl, his father who fails to gauge Manju's disconnect with the homeland and a sister whose only intention is to saddle her brother with her son, make things much worse for him.

Manju, amidst all this hullabaloo, remains strong and determined as he confronts a fraudulent specialist, an eclectic group of immigrant relatives and several self-important clients. He fights this plethora of problems, just like an acne-cream does against acne. Like a rock, he stands his ground and spends the most turbulent year of his life with grit and fervour. He performs all his duties and also finds time out for his fledgling relationships with his colleagues, patients, celebrities and most importantly with his girlfriend Sundari. Join Manju in this mad adventure and have faith in Senanayake to make you laugh and cry, as you turn each and every page of the book.

Sanjaya Senanayake, the author of this book, who is also a doctor by profession, has written this book with a lot of heart. He is a fun loving person, who loves cricket and once harboured the aspiration of becoming a movie-star and tying the knot with a bikini-clad model. This edition of the book is published in English and comes in paperback binding. Its ISBN 10 code is 938162688X and ISBN 13 code is 9789381626887.

Product Details
Language English
Publication Date March 1, 2013
Publisher Westland
Contributor(s) Sanjaya Senanayake
Binding Paperback
Page Count 320
ISBN 10 938162688X
ISBN 13 9789381626887
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Overall Rating 4.5 out of 5 stars
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Most Helpful Reviews
  1.  Super Fun 21 June, 2013 On
    A Perfect weekend read. Don't just go by its title, or the cover. This is not a 'chick' book. (even I had thought so). This is perfect for all. With interesting backdrop of a hospital in Australia, the group of interns makes you feel you are one of them. So lightly written, you will enjoy each page. There are some utterly hilarious and also some interesting cases that happen in hospital, that adds more 'chilli' spice in the story. 'The heart attacks' our hero gets every now and then, are caused by those incidents. Sanjaya, the writer, interstingly develop a rosey romance around otherwise iodine/dettol filled life of interns.

    Ladies are interestingly caricatured. Leading lady, Sundari makes you want to meet her too. Goofy, witty encounters between lead pair are superb. Small details, like hangout places (and some characters too) are named so, that is enough to make you chuckle.sample - Fabulus Hipz, host of The Morning Show ! Or The Nuclear Cafe that serves Mushroom Cloud and Nuclear Fallout Soup !

    All in all a fun ride throughout 320 pages. A fun read.
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  2.  A Fun Read With A Deep Message 1 April, 2013 On
    This novel is the story of a non-resident Sri Lankan doctor, in his first year on the job in an Australian hospital., fresh from his graduation from medical studies. Sri Lankan by ethnicity and culture, Manjula has lived and been educated in Australia, and although Australia may be `down under' in geographical terms, it's pretty much a prosperous `western style' nation to all intents and purposes. So this is the classic `east meets west' tale in a slightly different setting.

    Manjula is not completely eastern. He's sensitive enough to know that his roots are Sri Lankan, but at the same time, he's not blind to the nuts and bolts of modern, urban living. He speaks with particular insight about the dilemma faced by the children of Asian immigrants, coming to terms with life in the `new world environment' (for want of a better term) as well as trying to live up to the expectations of Asian parents. He blends in well with his fellow interns, who are a bunch of people of varied ethnic backgrounds. The novel covers that year of internship and charts the joys and sorrows of the interns, Manju in particular.

    There's a `good versus evil' pattern story, with the somewhat naïve interns growing up fast as they find themselves pitted against the big, bad, corrupt specialists, who are on the make and trying to get as much kudos and money as possible, walking over patients and interns included in order to achieve their aims.

    Some of the characters are named with comic aptness. We have the television presenter Fabulus Hipz, longing to be taken seriously as a journalist rather than as an attractive television presenter, who stalks St. Ivanhoe's Hospital for a scent of a scandal. There's the misogynist homophobe, Professor Monty Bonkzalot (I'll bet he does) and the sympathetic Dr. Precious Thyme. But the real humour reveals itself in a series of hilarious stories about life on the wards, most of which involve our intrepid hero, Dr. Manjula Mendis. Take the time Manju takes sleeping medication to knock himself out after a night shift and accidentally takes some `happy pills', waking up early in what could be described as `one hell of a pre-dick-ament'. I'm not going to reveal what it is, you'll have to read the book to find out.

    Manju comes across as a lovable if sometimes overly smart fellow. The kind who everyone thinks is very simple but who is extremely insightful underneath. His concern for the culturally misplaced intern Lucky King, who disowns her Indian heritage warms the heart, as does his friendship with the lesbian intern with schizophrenic dress sense, Dr. Alternaria Molde. It's Alternaria's wisdom which helps Manjula make up his mind about his love for Sundari, a Sri Lankan girl whose background is not good enough for his snobbish mother.

    This heartwarming, hilarious and sometimes outrageously farcical story has found its way on to my keeper shelf and it shall stay there forever. Get a copy and read it for yourself. Actually, Manjula's humour reminds me that laughter really is the best medicine. I think he would agree.
    Thank you for your feedback Was this review helpful to you?
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